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Published:October 2nd, 2010 10:41 EST
vanessa long

Vanessa Griffin Long Is As Corrupt And Culpable As Her Husband Eddie Long

By Robert Paul Reyes

A politician or a celebrity is embroiled in scandal and he faces a battery of microphones with his wife standing by his side. How many times have we seen this scenario play out in the last few years?

vanessa long

In Eddie Long`s first public appearance after he was revealed as a s[e]xual predator, there was his wife dutifully standing by her man. Long, the masterful showman, held his wife`s hand, and gently kissed her on the lips and then he led her back to her seat on stage, before he took to the pulpit to address his congregation.

It`s as if the colorful con artist was saying. "OK woman you`ve provided me with the necessary cover, no get out of the way and let me do my thing and bamboozle my followers.

Eddie Long`s wife, Vanessa Griffin Long, is complicit in the myriad sins of her husband. Vanessa stands by her disgraced husband, because she has a lot to lose if he is defrocked. Vanessa doesn`t want to lose her mansion, her luxury vehicle, and her outrageous salary she "earns" as a leader in the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Vanessa has done a disserve to the cause of women`s rights, once again we see a woman subservient to her husband who isn`t a scholar and a gentleman, but a s[e]xual predator and a con man.

Vanessa is doing great harm to the victims who were s[e]xually molested by her husband when they were teenagers. How many more victims will there be, because this woman is defending her s[e]xual predator husband?

Maybe if Eddie Long has flat out denied the charges, I could understand Vanessa standing by her man. But Long threw out a lot of religious platitudes and legalize, but he has yet to flat-out deny the charges against him.

Vanessa is empowering a self-loathing gay preacher, who demonizes gays and lesbians. We are all heartbroken over the tragedy that occurred in Rutgers University, where a gay student was harassed to the point where he committed suicide. How many more gays and lesbians will be brutalized because of the anti-gay rhetoric of Eddie Long?

Vanessa is no wide-eyed innocent, she is intimately involved in the affairs of New Birth, she is aware of the financial and s[e]xual improprieties of her husband.

Silence speaks volumes, and Vanessa`s silence has revealed her as woman who is worthy of our contempt.

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