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Published:October 2nd, 2010 19:15 EST
Will Says... Las Vegas has a Death Ray! Oh My!

Will Says... Las Vegas has a Death Ray! Oh My!

By Will Roberts

Will Says...

Folks, California seems to have had a burst of energy on developing alternative energy.  Solar is their thing. Which is odd, cuz California has been under a dark cloud for some time now, with all the fires and the budget problems!

The upcoming elections will tell us if this new crop helps CA go from being the Salad Bowl of the U.S. to the Solar Bowl!

In Nevada, thanks to the sun & the reflection off the Vdara hotel, we have Solar Energy delivered poolside!

We know green here in Nevada... Beside, MGM, the Vdara Solar Energy Plant markets better than Vdara Death Ray!

Will`s Two Cents...

In all seriousness MGM folks, maybe you are on to something here. With the way the Strip has been, STRIPPED of business in the past few years, this might have possibilities for future use.  NOT the Death Ray, of course, but the high-rise high-energy Hotel cell.

Maybe next we can work on turning some of the perpetual Vegas motion into power.  If the slot machine handles were hooked to a grid, we could turn those penny slots that the tourists continually pull into a different kind of green . . . green energy.  Or, human hamster dance floor wheels in the clubs that store energy... that you can SELL back to the state.

Anyway, look on the bright side, no pun intended, bad publicity is better than NO publicity, and Vegas needs all the attention it can get!


Will Roberts

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