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Published:October 4th, 2010 15:22 EST
Landlord Tenant Laws and What You Need to Know

Landlord Tenant Laws and What You Need to Know

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 Trial Court Lacked Good Cause To Stay Tenants` Eviction, Says Appellate Court -- New York. A trial court`s ruling is reversed because the tenants who wanted to stay their eviction failed to present sufficient "good cause" to the court to justify the stay and they are evicted. The landlord sued its tenants for possession of their apartment based on their nonpayment of rent.

LESSON: The landlord successfully challenged a trial court`s decision and was able to evict its tenants after they breached a settlement agreement. Courts will enforce settlement agreements if they are fairly entered into and the tenants in this case missed their payment and the landlord promptly sought their eviction. Landlords must move quickly to enforce their rights and regain possession from tenants who refuse to pay their rent.

* Tenant Is Evicted After Losing Claim Landlord`s Notices Were Defective -- New Hampshire. The landlord`s eviction notices met all the statutory requirements even though the notices only addressed the tenant by her first name and the court awards possession to the landlord. An appellate court affirms a trial court`s decision that the landlord`s notice to vacate was not defective and agrees the landlord is entitled to evict his tenant.

LESSON: The landlord`s eviction notices met the statutory requirements and the court awarded possession to the landlord. The notices informed the tenant why she was being evicted, when she had to vacate, and that she could cure the default and avoid eviction by paying her rent arrearages.

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The slow court system doesn`t do landlords any favours.
It can take up to six months to evict.
Most landlords don`t receive any rent during this time.
With the proposed County Court closures due to government cuts,
the legal system may slow down even further.
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