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Published:October 5th, 2010 13:02 EST
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Mexican Pirates Operating On American Waters? Yes, Be Very Afraid!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Mexican pirates operating on Falcon Lake, which is shared by the United States and Mexico, on Thursday shot an American tourist who had crossed the border on a Jet Ski.

pirate dogTiffany Hartley, 29, said her husband, David Michael Hartley, 30, was shot in the back of the head as they tried to escape an ambush on the lake, The Associated Press reports.

Hartley tried to turn around to save her husband but said she had to continue to retreat when she heard bullets whizzing by. Today,
search teams continue to comb the Texas side of the lake for David, who is presumed dead. Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez said he had asked the Mexican consulate to conduct a search on his country`s side of the lake as well.

AOL News
reported on the Falcon Lake pirate gangs in May after a spat of robberies prompted the Texas Department of Public Safety to issue a bulletin warning Americans to stay in U.S. waters. Authorities believe the pirates are offshoots of Mexican drug gangs operating in the area. "

When Americans think of pirates Johnny Depp comes to mind, who doesn`t love the actor`s take on a pirate as a cross between Richard Simmons and Keith Richards?

Recently the more sinister pirates operating of the coast of Somalia have made the news. But the Somali pirates, many of them teenagers, rarely kill any of their hostages.

We thought of pirates as rakish fellows who lived on celluloid, and on the other side of the world. But now we have to worry about the deadly Mexican buccaneers operating on Falcon Lake which is shared by the United States and Mexico.

The shooting of David Hartley isn`t an isolated incident, Mexican pirates have robbed several Americans on Falcon Lake.

Americans are well-advised to stay well within US waters. Don`t delude yourself into thinking that you will be able to protect yourself if you have a gun. The pirates have automatic weapons, and they will blow you out of the water if you brandish a weapon.

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