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Published:October 6th, 2010 15:28 EST
paris hilton

Another Paris Hilton Reality Show! Dear God, Why?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After first meeting Paris in The Simple Life, and following her through 3 seasons of Paris Hilton`s My New BFF, we are about to get another dose of Paris Hilton on reality TV. This time the heiress will be starring in a reality show to be aired on Oxygen about what is really happening beyond the tabloid report."

paris hilton

The Oxygen network must be running out of gas, the last thing we need is yet another Paris Hilton reality series.

Hilton`s life is a reality show, she stages her antics before the paparazzi. It`s superfluous to air a Hilton reality show, all we need to do is read a tabloid to find out all about the latest Hilton shenanigans.

The American public needs another insipid Hilton reality show like Eddie Long needs another ridiculous toupee.

If there`s a god in heaven every cable company will drop the Oxygen network.

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