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Published:October 6th, 2010 19:59 EST
toxic sludge

Monster Sludge Spill In Hungary Flows Toward Danube River

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Rescue workers are struggling to contain the damage from a toxic sludge spill that killed at least four people and injured hundreds more.

An estimated 185 million gallons of toxic waste spilled after a reservoir burst at an aluminum refining plant, sweeping cars off the roads, damaging bridges and buildings, and forcing the evacuation of several towns. At least 7,000 residents of Western Hungary have been affected." Read More

toxic sludge

In our worst nightmares we imagine the devastation caused when a dam bursts, and billions of gallons of water are unleashed on towns and villages.

But it`s hard for the human mind to comprehend the abject horror of a reservoir at an aluminum refining plant bursting, unleashed toxic sludge on unsuspecting citizens.

This is a disaster of Biblical proportions: Rivers and lakes in 12 European countries are in danger of being contaminated as the toxic sludge heads towards the Danube River.

When I witnessed this video I was shocked, and my heart went out to the victims of this environmental calamity.

Please watch this video, and hopefully it will inspire you to help the victims of this horrific accident.

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