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Published:October 6th, 2010 14:08 EST
Poem: Always Faithful

Poem: Always Faithful

By Ed Roberts

 Always Faithful


It`s not the fire fights

You fear the most

Head to head

Hand to hand

Combat is combat

You versus them

Head on

No holds barred


This is war

This is Hell on Earth


You`ve trained for this

Or tried to anyway

Life or death

All decided in small burst

Moments of total chaos



And unbelievable noise


Yes, this is



It is the quiet time

That haunts you most



A simple ride from point A to point B

Could be your last


A mortar


Could have your name on it

School kids can carry explosives

Or guide you into a mine field

And smile all the time

They are doing this



This is the monster

You fear


There is no Safe


Or place


Every second

Any moment

Everything can change

Each heartbeat

Could be your last


This is Hell


This is War


This is what you trained for

Or tried to


May your armor hold

And your spirit soar


Semper Fi


Ed Roberts 9/30/10


Dedicated to those who serve and I am afraid understand this poem more than anyone should.

Always Faithful
Always in my prayers