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Published:October 7th, 2010 11:21 EST
Murderer Joran Van der Sloot Buys Weed in Prison, Paints Cell

Murderer Joran Van der Sloot Buys Weed in Prison, Paints Cell

By Inactive Writer

Compulsive murderer Joran van der Sloot isn`t exactly suffering in jail, or so it seems.

joranAmerica TV reports from an exclusive video that van der Sloot, while shirtless outside his "maximum security" cell, was bargaining with a man trying to peddle marijuana. The brief conversation basically consisted of the weed vendor realizing who van der Sloot is, van der Sloot offering the man five soles, and the vendor asking for one more. The vendor is believed to be a prison guard.

Joran is also working on another project - some home improvement. According to his lawyer - who says the marijuana incident was "staged" - van der Sloot was outside his cell because he was painting it yellow.
Such a happy color for such a dark, depraved and damned man! Wouldn`t want to get those prison fatigues filthy. Apparently, the kid wanted to "improve his living conditions." Since when did prison become an episode of the Martha Stewart Show?

On the legal end of things, Joran`s lawyer is waiting for a decision to be made regarding the appeal he made regarding the court`s Habeas Corpus ruling. He claimed that his constitutional rights had been violated.

Well Slick, I think you surrender your constitutional rights when you murder two girls and send their families and police on ghost chases. You never quite made up your mind as to whether or not you killed Holloway - I can only imagine how long it took you to decide on yellow paint for your jail cell!

As far as improving your living conditions - might I suggest Hell? It`s quite nice there this time of year.

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