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Published:October 7th, 2010 21:26 EST
Will Says

Will Says " VOTE or hush up!

By Will Roberts

Will Says...

Folks, today is your lucky day!

I`m going to give you all a Vegas tip!

Now remember, this is all a gamble.  But hey, it`s just money, right?

Black Jack: dealer has this hand... you lose!

Horses: DON`T pick a horse with your ex`s name!

AND ...  


It`s the best odds, and if you don`t play this game, you stand to lose BIG!

Odds: 50/50!

Will`s Two Cents:

Now all I know is what I hear with my own two ears!  Folks, this midterm election has been a brutal race so far, and I bet it gets worse before it gets better.  From all outward appearances it feels like we are in the Presidential elections with all the money spent, mud thrown, and opinions being shoved down our throats!   And, I am actually not necessarily speaking about the candidates.  Rather, the money, mud and opinions are being hurled by our neighbors, fellow employees, and family members.  I am getting more emails and folks I know stopping me in stores to declare what they think about the way the country is being run than ever before this election season.  It`s almost like candidates came up with this new idea to hire their voters and send them around to be their interactive political signs.   However, they are not always easy to spot because the screaming and shoving has extended beyond those wearing colonial clothes.  No longer can a three-point hat act like a warning beacon.

Here is where it is different in this election. There was a time when someone would give you their opinion and IF you did not like it, you could say, "Hey, I don`t agree with you," and both people would stop talking about that subject; they could agree to disagree.  This is why there has been a standing rule among friends . . . don`t talk politics and religion, unless you know you share the same views. "No means No" works in this kind of situation, or so it should.

Here`s an additional rub. Most of the time I have a conversation with folks about politics where they have strong opinions, they are NOT even registered to VOTE.  In most cases they won`t even vote. I`m not going to go into the reasons I have heard for this countrywide disease. I don`t like to harbor excuses, I just want action.

So remember, respect your friends` stance on the issues, and if you can`t stand it, walk away. Don`t be disrespectful. We must protect the freedom of others to say and believe what they find true, but we do not have to agree with them nor be uncivil.  And, if they ask you not to talk about the subject anymore, chances are you spoke too long. 


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