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Published:October 9th, 2010 14:41 EST
eddie long

New Birth Church Stands By Their Con Artist Bishop Eddie Long

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Bishop Long`s face is plastered across a huge billboard along a highway in Atlanta that says "Love, Live, Lead Like Him," a message the church coined earlier this year before the sex scandals erupted into the big deal that they are today." Read more

This billboard was erected before Eddie Long was exposed as a man who enjoys having sex with young boys.

eddie long

There is no cross or scripture verse on the giant billboard, there`s only the words "Love, Live, Lead Like Him" and an image of the smiling pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The billboard gives the impression that it`s Long and not Jesus that Christians should emulate.

Long preaches that God wants his disciples to be financially successful, and he uses this perversion of the Gospel to justify dressing like a pimp, and living like a king.

The members of the cult-like church follow the example of Long, and disdain the Biblical messages of self-sacrifice, humility and concern for others

The followers of Long do their best be like their hero in every way. You won`t find any parishioners wearing clothes from JC Penney or Wal-Mart, and you won`t find any old cars in the church parking lot.

The last thing in the world I would want to do is to be like Eddie Long. I have a shaved head, and I`m proud to rock the bald look. I wouldn`t don an Eddie Long type Jheri Curl toupee for all the money in the world.

I sure as hell wouldn`t wear spandex shorts and a muscle shirt, and then take pics of myself in the ridiculous workout clothes and send them to young boys. Only a vain child molester would do such a sick and evil thing.

If Christians followed the teachings and example of Jesus Christ they wouldn`t fall for con artists like Eddie Long.

The members of New Birth will stand by their pastor regardless how many pundits, bloggers and politicians call on him to resign. Pastor Long and his worldly congregation richly deserve each other.

But at least now that Long has been exposed as a child molester, Christians outside his church will think twice before donating money to his ministry or even watching him on TV.

Eddie Long may have his tricks deceived, but the world at large knows he ain`t nothing but a pimp.

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