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Published:October 10th, 2010 01:49 EST

Alternative News, Alternative Entertainment Editorial...

By Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)

Staying enlightened, informed and or abreast of the happenings in today`s world and dare I add, "Optimistic" is increasingly becoming something that is almost impossible for people to do in our current times.

As I read in a recent message I got in email, the news begins by saying "Good Evening!" And then goes on to tell you, why it is not--- (Not necessarily verbatim but close enough for you to get the gist).  Consequently, more and more people are turning off the news precisely for that reason and I can`t say I blame them.

Not only is it primarily about bad things but more additionally feel, alternative avenues of information are far more truthful and that number is growing it appears by leaps and bounds.

The old systems where people relied on informative information are going the way of the dinosaur.

Might I ask?  ---  How many of you reading this have regretfully told a would be college student who knocks on your door, that as much as you would like to help, buying a subscription even for a week of a local newspaper is something you can live without although you do hope they meet their quota and get to college?

Television and actual newspapers are dying in popularity due to the internet and more and more are drifting their operations in some part, to the internet because they know it.

Regardless, the news on the net isn`t generally any more uplifting than any other source.

Meaning, it doesn`t get much better there in the "Feel Good" department but at least as most feel it is something you can check yourself for verification of its authenticity. 

Because you can immediately check via search engines, where as in the past, if one heard a broadcast, perhaps they could flip to other channels or read a paper and could perhaps, read another paper and see if it coincided with the information one had previously read or seen.

Now, in the evolved information age, one just hit`s search and is awash in varying information about said subject.

I also don`t know how many might agree but quite frankly, I think for the most part huge sectors of citizens are not only tired of the horrible news, but also of hearing about how celebrities or people who fall up under the proverbial magnifying glass, are screwing up this time around.  Real news seems to be getting less press, than what in many cases, should remain in the private domain to begin with.

Brett Favre and who?

At least on the net, one can go to something else vice be stuck with changing channels or having to go to another section of a Newspaper " or to another paper all together.

Anyway, in order to balance the avalanche of bad news that is saturating our society and perhaps the entire globe as well, I personally turn to the arts.  And granted, if I see something pertaining to say Smokey Robison, Al Pacino, Sugar Ray Leonard, Sade, Barbara Streisand, Prince, Matt Damon, Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis, Norah Jones, Denzel Washington, Sarah McLachlan, Anne Rice, Stephen King, David Chappelle or Stevie Wonder and quite sadly, a dwindling number of so it seems people, who have always handled themselves in my opinion, with dignity and class, I`ll check it out.

And I`m no Andy Rooney but I think things should be broken down into YOU MUST KNOW, as it will affect your immediate well being, you might want to know because it could, and things that might interest you if you care about said individuals or things for entertainment or things you like, purposes.

It just seems to me again, that there are important things that are taking a back seat to things that in times past, one could find in what many regarded, as less reputable sources of news.

In order to still have hope however, this individual supports Indie Artists.  People that haven`t reached in most cases, worship status in the eyes of the public but are very talented in their own right and love what they are doing.

For me it counter balances things to check out new and upcoming talent that is fresh, new and doing it because they truly have love for it in their hearts.

We`ve so it would seem, become a culture at least in this land that thrives on people`s failings.  What did Paris Hilton do this time?  Lindsay Lohan?  Amy Winehouse?  And I could go on but do I really have to?

I personally don`t like seeing people fail or mess up but the truth is we all do to some degree--- But are they really being held to a higher standard?  Or are they being used as distractions that appeal to our or in most cases many people`s, most negative natures?

Again, if you want something new, fresh and entertaining the vehicles to find those are here in our present times as well.  Check out MT Robison and The Messenger, Alina Smith, Rachael Bell also known as Rachael, Rachael, Hollie Dunaway, Cheryl Tardif, Taalam Acey, Kim Kline, Betty Dravis, Shannon Grissom, Lisa Lavie, Barbara Evans, Dawn Huffaker, Leah DeVon, Junko Van Norman, Ed Roberts, Raquel Jacobs, Nicholas Valentino, Jenny McShane, Kashy Keegan, Jamie McCall, Reggie Solomon AKA Wodige Wehali, Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh, Nhojj, Brian O`Neal, Alice Marie, Aberjhani, Angela Kocsis also known as Vennie, Chrissy McVay, Bryant McGill, Kimberly Prendez, Joan Baker, Willard Barth, Djelloul Marbrook, Alexa Dectis, Dozie and a host of others. 

Some are quite famous in their own right but they aren`t people you see in the main stream ALL THE TIME or at least not at the moment and if they are, my apologies if that offends them but I`m just mentioning these few because they are great at what they do.

And now, all one needs to do to learn about just the people I`ve suggested is perform a simple Google search to find out for themselves.

In closing, not only are folks looking for alternative sources of news but from my vantage point, it seems more and more are getting into people that aren`t necessarily famous by the world`s standards, but good at what they do.

Thus more are also looking for alternative forms of entertainment which I view as another failing being exposed by the main streams current view that we as a society, or at least here only want to read exclusively about things that are bad.

Folks are getting tired of hearing of how people, who have been held up as examples in times past, are now crashing and burning.

People are getting sick of hearing gossip or sensational stories regarding "Known People" who are messing up or going through hard times.

In short, people are getting tired of all the negativism in massive numbers and are now looking--- Because they can, for things that inform them, enlighten them and entertain them and off set what seems to be being forced fed to us on an increasing basis by the quote, and unquote, "Established News Media."

That established "News Media" might only be that in their own minds it seems as more and more time goes by.

And I`m not telling anyone what to do, but logically speaking, there was a time when not everyone knew the name, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marilyn Monroe, but unless you`re living under a rock, you do now.

What I am suggesting, is supporting new talent, local talent and also the ones that have as we might want to say "Made it" you truly enjoy as well.

For my part, it is amazingly uplifting to see people that are making strides in the right direction and believe me, I get much more satisfaction in seeing them rise to another level vice hearing about someone who has risen, who is falling.

And quite frankly if you enjoy their music or art or whatever it is they do, whether they too become household names or not isn`t the main thing.

If you enjoyed it, then it`s joy.

Something I think is in short supply in our current times and if they take away or drastically change the current net, (Which I understand from alternative, not main stream media news sources), is a real possibility... 

What pray tell might I also add briefly, will it be like then?

Though I imagine, if you`re seeing what we are being it appears, force fed currently---You already know the answer to that.

With respects,

Chase Von


Many of the people I`ve suggested I have either interviewed or have communicated with but there are just as many that I haven`t that I also find remarkable.  Below is just one example of that and there are many more I might add.  You can continue to "Take" what is said to be popular or you can search a bit on your own and find "Gems" or at least in my belief, like this talented Lady below...

Melissa Polinar "Don`t Mind At All" (original) In the event video doesn`t work, link provided below...