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Published:October 10th, 2010 13:10 EST
eddie long

Eddie Long's Ex-Wife Claims He Beat Her When She Was Pregnant! Monster!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Dabara S. Houston, ex-wife of Bishop Eddie Long, the Atlanta megachurch pastor accused of sexual misconduct, claimed the pastor physically abused her when she was seven-and-a-half months pregnant with their only child, according to divorce documents.

eddie long

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Houston said she was subjected to `cruel treatment` and was fearful of Long`s `violent and vicious temper,` as indicated in Fulton County Superior Court records. The documents reportedly state that Houston said she was forced to `flee` the couple`s Fairburn home with her son `in order to ensure their safety.`"

This new revelation about the unsavory and criminal behavior of Eddie Long will have absolutely no impact on the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Eddie Long`s flock has already accepted the fact that their pastor is a child molester, a self loathing homosexual, and a scam artist. Their faith in their flashy minister won`t waver, even if it`s discovered that the foppish pastor was responsible for 9/11.

I`m not surprised by this latest twist in the Eddie Long saga, it`s not like he suddenly turned into a monster. Bishop Long has been fleecing his flock for decades, and I bet that he has also been molesting young boys for a long time.

Eddie Long is a muscle-bound monster; I wonder does he suffer episodes of roid rage? This madman belongs in a zoo or in a prison, not in a position of authority where he can use his power and prestige to rob his congregation blind and to molest his young parishioners.

I hope that God or Mr. T smites this fool!

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