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Published:October 12th, 2010 10:25 EST
Jets Continue to Portray a Bad Image With the Help of Brett Favre

Jets Continue to Portray a Bad Image With the Help of Brett Favre

By Ron G Anselm


     The New York Jets are once again in the spot light of the media with more drama. If it isn`t one thing for the Jets lately it`s another stint of bad news. In recent weeks, some of the Jets players were accused of making cat calls " to Ines Sianz, the reporter from Mexico when she entered their locker room to do some interviews with some of the Jets players. She also filed in her complaint that the coaching staff for the Jets let certain players throw footballs in her direction during drills. Not a good thing for the coaching staff of the team to be accused of. The NFL investigated this and concluded that they were not going to fine the team as a result of this particular allegation by Sianz.

    Now, more skeletons are coming out of the closet from one particular past player who now is accused of sexual harassment charges. Brett Favre the past quarterback for the Jets has been accused of making unwanted sexual advances towards some of the Jets staff during his tenure with the team.

    Deadspin, the popular sports blog reported that in 2008, Favre supposedly sent some racy messages and included some racy photos with those messages to Jenn Sterger who was at the time and still is a game day host for the Jets. Favre is also accused of pursuing two female massage therapists who worked for the team at that time as-well.

    The New York Times reported that Favre supposedly suggested that the Masseuse and her friend help him work out some bad intentions " (Relative, S. 2010) According to the masseuse, while Favre was being rubbed down by another person he kept eyeing her like a slab of meat " (Relative, S. 2010) And then supposedly the next day he sent her a text message. Her very angry husband described this ongoing incident by Favre as a series of text messages and E-Mail were sent to the masseuse. One of the text messages supposedly said, Why don`t you and your friend come over "I have all these bad intentions. " (Relative, S. 2010)

    The masseuse`s husband said he called Favre personally looking for an apology but never received one. He then went on to describe Favre in some not so nice terms as being a scum bag " as-well as other names he used to describe Favre`s character in his opinion.

   With the accusations by the masseuse and by Jenn Sterger another tidbit of information surfaced that supposedly a member of their Public Relations staff for the Jets proactively took part in the introduction between Favre and Sterger. The Jets investigated this allegation that a third party was involved in the initial introduction of Favre and Sterger and passed it off as not creditable " evidence but there is still a certain feel in this that the Jets did know of and labeled Favre`s behaviors as inappropriate behavior.

    I guess more and more players are now taking the soft side of bad news by now being accused of off field sexual harassment behavior. In the recent past, other allegations have been thrown at players as in the case with Ben Roethlisberger the Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was accused of making unwanted gestures to a female student at a night club in Georgia. He was suspended I believe four or six games for his behavior.

    At least if players are going to act inappropriately and go out and do dumb things, we as fans can probably deal with a sexual harassment charge here and there if we have to accept certain player to act inappropriately over a charge of getting caught with drugs, or getting caught with a gun in their car, or even blowing away someone at a night club as is the case with some past good ball players that I am not going to mention their names here. We can even deal with the even more lighter " charges over the really harsh charges of killing someone as in the case of O.J. Simpson when he was accused of killing Ron Goldman and his former wife and getting off scott free of those charges, although Simpson is now doing time at a Nevada correctional facility for other charges he was found guilty of. Even Lawrence Taylor the ex-New York Giants Linebacker was recently accused of solicitation charges of a minor. Unbelievable!

    I guess what I am trying to say is, no inappropriate behavior by any player is acceptable but if they cannot control themselves and believe they may be above the law then the fans who pay their salaries by buying expensive tickets to watch those same players at the many games over the season and buy the overpriced memorabilia of their favorite team these players play on might as-well get used to more drama in the future and more allegations in the future directed at some of their favorite players.

    These guys make millions in not just salary, get paid more than most people make in a lifetime to just show up for practice, and are set for life with the money they make now and in the future on endorsements, then they can be held accountable for performing and acting like Saints all the time. And if they can`t, then don`t play in the NFL.

I am not saying that any of these allegations directed towards Brett Favre are true, that`s for the NFL to investigate and decide, I am saying that professional athletes need to hold themselves to a higher standard and think twice before even attempting to cross the line of what is considered acceptable and unacceptable actions and behavior. The NFL continues to investigate the allegations towards Favre.

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