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Published:October 12th, 2010 11:45 EST
amy winehouse

Usher Wants To Collab With Pop Tart Amy Winehouse

By Robert Paul Reyes


"At least one person remembers precisely why Amy Winehouse is famous.

Usher`s desperate to work with her if he can persuade her to put down her Jack Daniels/cigarette long enough to get in the studio.

amy winehouse

The OMG star, who performed on the X Factor last night, even rates her ahead of Cheryl Cole... an unusual admission for any celeb clamouring for UK publicity.

Chewing the fat [or not in Wino`s case] over tea at London`s Mayfair hotel, Usher said: "I would love to work with Amy. I hear she`s back and I want us to shock people." Read more

It seems hard to believe that at one time Amy Winehouse was famous for her powerful vocals and her breathtaking performances, and not for the prodigious amount of drugs and alcohol she can consume without killing herself.

I don`t care if Amy Winehouse smokes a dozen packs of cigarettes a day, as long as she lays off the booze and the drugs. If smoking will keep Wino`s fingers too occupied to shoot up, then I hope the Marlboro company backs up a Mack truck to her mansion and drops of a ton of cigarettes.

Of course Usher would rather perform with Amy Winehouse than with Cheryl Cole. Who the hell is Cheryl Cole, her name won`t sell many records.

Let`s hope that Amy will give up the booze and the drugs, and collab with Usher.

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