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Published:October 13th, 2010 15:39 EST
eddie long

Top Five Reasons Why Bishop Eddie Long's Wig Is A Sin Against God

By Robert Paul Reyes

Eddie Long`s toupee speaks of his unbridled vanity. It`s bad enough that the disgraced minister dresses like a pimp, but why don a Jehri Curl wig? That garish toupee might be appropriate for a 20-something pimp to wear, but it looks ridiculous on top of the bald pate of a 55-year-old preacher.

eddie long

Eddie Long`s hairpiece testifies to his lack of judgment. Long must has been drinking too much Jesus Juice with young boys, his selection of wigs displays no wisdom or judgment. Doesn`t the reverend have one honest employee with the courage to tell him that he looks like a jackass with his Jheri Curl wig?

Eddie Long`s rug on top of his head betrays his insecurity. A man who is secure in his own manhood wouldn`t dream of wearing such an outlandish toupee. Eddie is too insecure to address his congregation without that dead thing on his head.

Eddie Long`s wig is an offense against God. Long isn`t happy with the way God made him, he seeks to improve (what a joke) his looks by donning what looks like a dead skunk on his head.

Eddie Long`s wig betrays his insincere nature. Does Long think he is fooling anyone? Even the most naïve trick in his congregation can tell that Long is wearing a wig.

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