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Published:October 14th, 2010 12:08 EST

Bummer: Swiss Scientists Claim New Earth-Like Planet May Not Exist

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The announcement by U.S. astronomers of an Earth-like planet that could possibly support life circling another star has hit a slight bump -- it may not exist.

Researchers led by the Observatory of Geneva in Switzerland had already discovered four planets circling the star Gliese 581 by observing subtle motions of the star that are induced by the gravitational tugs of any orbiting planets when an American team announced a fifth, believed large enough to hold an atmosphere and the right distance from its star to allow for liquid water, reported."



I was thrilled when US researchers announced a few weeks ago the existence of an Earth-like planet. The planet dubbed Gliese 581 g was said to be three times the size of the Earth, and scientists believed that there was a good possibility that life-sustaining water existed on the surface.

Egghead scientists have no imagination, I would have called the planet "Paradiso" or "Nirvana".

We can forget about one day visiting our extraterrestrial brothers, Swiss scientists claim that Gliese 581 g may not exist. What a downer! That`s like finding out that the hot girl lugging in boxes to the empty house next door isn`t moving in, she`s only helping her homely sister.

Scientists are going to lose all credibility with the general public if they make any more huge blunders. If the eggheads don`t receive a text message from an inhabitant of a planet they just discovered, I would advise them not to make a public announcement.

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