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Published:October 14th, 2010 18:43 EST
Change Or Be Changed By Change

Change Or Be Changed By Change

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Simon T. says Change Lanes - It`s Your Best Option

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that men and women hold an average of about 14 jobs by the time they turn 40. The majority of these jobs are at the beginning of their working lives - when they are teenagers and in their early twenties. Job longevity tends to lengthen as the employee ages. However, longevity does not always mean that the employee is happy with their job. Really, are you kidding me?

Recently, I was in South Lake Tahoe, NV teaching a session and finished at 2:30 PM. I said goodbye and quietly tip-toed out of the room and hopped into a rental car and unleashed my inner speed demon to catch a 4:23 PM flight from Reno, NV. What was I thinking? Crazy! Well anyone that is familiar with the area knows that it`s about a 75 minute drive door to door. I generally don`t like to cut it that close but I had be in Palm Beach, Florida the next day to deliver a customer service program. The client didn`t really care that I would be flying all night on a red-eye from Los Angeles to make it. The contract was signed, deposit was made and it was in my best interest to show up fresh and ready to be brilliant!

On my aggressive pedal to the medal race to the airport, I noticed a sign on the side of the road - Slow traffic please stay to the right! It`s not the first time I have seen this sign, but that day it hit me differently. Have you seen the same sign? What did you do? Did you stay in the right lane or did hit the gas and shift to the left lane in order to accelerate?

Oh Brilliant One, as the globe begins to emerge from this economic tsunami there is an opportunity to change lanes. That`s right - change or be changed by change. If you are not happy, then you are not productive. Yes, that is my opinion and if you don`t like it then it`s only going to be more direct from here on out. Buckle up because you can change! Here is how you do it:

·         Fired, Downsized, Released to your destiny - Send a thank you note to your previous employer. Why? They did you a huge favor. The question isn`t why they got rid of you. The real question is what took them so long. They gave you the gift of life. Get up. Shake the dust off your shoes. Detox from the old environment by taking your foot off the brake of "why did they", "who do they think they are", "why is everyone always picking on me"? Let it go and change lanes.
·         Stop looking for a job and Brand U! People who merely work a job are always looking when it is quitting time. They take orders. They react to situations and are always waiting to be told what to do. However, when you brand yourself - you work past the time designated. You look for ways to save money, make the organization money, and be effective. When you brand yourself, you don`t have to seek promotion, pay raises, or recognition. It will find you. Your results will stand head and shoulders above the crowd and you don`t have to shout - look at me. Check out
·         Install a Mental Spam Filter. As you know, an e-mail spam filter quickly sorts through irrelevant messages. It ensures that you are not flooded with junk mail that impacts your efficiency. The filter scans the text in the header and body of the e-mail to decipher what`s junk and what`s real. Currently have you been spammed by others doubt, fear, and unbelief in the future! Everyday there are 11 million messages that are imprinted on the subconscious mind, according to psychologist Dr. Daniela Ferdico Faget. The conscious mind makes decisions, choices and gives direction to the subconscious mind. Thus the subconscious state acts on the information that it is fed and doesn`t distinguish between what is reality and what is not. Reject negativity and affirm your brilliance.
·         Accelerate Your Results - when you operate in your universal assignment (the intersection between your talent and the needs in the world) you produce results that are mind-blowing. I recently saw the movie Social Network - The Story of Facebook, and was blown away that one person (Mark Zuckerberg with a small team) could reach 500 million people in less than six years.  What could you do if you decided to change lanes? It took 38 years for radio to reach 50 million people.  13 years for television to reach 50 million and it only took 4 years for the internet to reach the same amount. If you really put your mind to it, what could you do?
·         No More Kibitzing around - It`s time to get it done. Kibitzing is a Yiddish word for busy body. Brilliant people are effective. Average people are busy. Brilliant people find solutions. Average people create excuses. Brilliant people have a trifecta alignment of head, heart, and hands. Average people are scattered. They say one thing, believe something else, and do the opposite. Brilliant people manage time. Average people hum the tune from the 60`s & 70`s band Fifth Dimension - "time keeps on slipping into the future."
·         Send only Brilliant Tweets to Your Tweeps! According to Twitter, there are approximately 50 million tweets per day sent over the network. I can honestly say that some are just plain lame. If you are on Twitter and have something to say to your Tweeps (people who follow-you on Twitter) then make it brilliant. Do we really care that you are going out to eat? No! I used to do it. It got old real quick.
·         Philanthropy is here to stay. The ultimate Change Lanes strategy is to give first and give often. However, this reconfirmed when I saw on the cover of Forbes Magazine 400 Richest Americans a picture of Jay-Z ( and Warren Buffet ( together side-by-side. The headline says - A conversation with Steve Forbes on Wealth and The Art of Giving. I couldn`t help but notice this subliminal new messaging - Old Money with New Money. The Father of Wall Street with the Godfather of Main Street. The new ethnicity in the new economy is "Green."  Give away what you need the most.

This is just a cornucopia of thoughts in my head that I had to share with you. Yes, it`s true, Change Lanes because you want and deserve new options. I did and made my flight just in time.

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