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Published:October 14th, 2010 16:17 EST
Dust, Just Dust

Dust, Just Dust

By Ed Roberts




Just dust

Coating the shelves of the bookcase

Wrapping all of the whatnots

In a thin silver blanket

Every once in a while

We stir it

Move it place to place

In an never ending battle

To achieve a state

We merely refer to as




From places unknown

In a manner we have yet to figure out

It returns

Dust just dust


I sat at the small kitchen table

Watched as they slowly gathered her things

Items gathered over a life time

Gently they wiped each one

Wrapped each carefully

And placed them in a box

Boxes upon boxes they packed

Each bore a label

That described its contents

And its destination


Later we stood at her graveside

Said our last Goodbyes "

And the minister uttered those famous last words

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust "


I look upon the house so differently now

As I go from room to room

I stop at each bookcase

Study each shelf and whatnot

Just to see the dust



But now simply not just dust

For in a small way

It also could be

Part of her.


Ed Roberts 10/9/10