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Published:October 14th, 2010 11:35 EST
sarah palin

GOP Hottie Sarah Palin Isn't Going To Run For President

By Robert Paul Reyes

Sarah Palin was relatively unknown outside Alaska before her selection by John McCain as his running mate. McCain`s selection of the then governor of Alaska as his running mate is the most cynical political ploy in history.

McCain and his advisers knew that Palin was woefully unqualified to serve as Vice President, but they were convinced that having an attractive female on the ticket was their only chance to win the election.

sarah palin

McCain staffers protected Palin as if she were a vestal virgin, they shielded her from the press. The couple of times that they allowed Palin to be interviewed by non-Fox News reporters, she performed miserably.

Since 2008 Palin has remained in the public eye by making speeches before her adoring base, by writing a bestseller, and by serving as a commentator for Fox News. Like any celebrity worth her salt, she even has a reality show in the works.

In short, Palin has remained in the spotlight by acting as a celebrity, and not a politician. Thousands attend Palin`s rallies, millions buy her books and watch her on Fox News, not necessarily because they are agree with her political views -- folks just love a hot celeb.

Many pundits and politicians are convinced that Palin is staying in the public eye because she plans on running for president in 2012. They are dead wrong. The world may end in 2012 according to Mayan prophecy, not because Palin wins the presidency.

Sarah Palin simply loves the money and attention that comes with being a celeb. It`s great fun For Palin to be mobbed by her fans at a book signing or at a public appearance.

Running for president is a physically and emotionally draining process, and Palin the quitter simply isn`t up to the task. In 2008 Palin was on the campaign trail for only a few months, and she was shielded from the press. If Palin runs for president in 2012 she will have to be on the road for over a year making speeches, sitting down with the editorial boards of newspapers, debating with her opponent, and holding town hall meetings.

Palin will be unable to dodge the press if she runs for president, reporters will show her no mercy. Palin ignored the media in 2008, and the press will be hungry for revenge.

Instead of having reporters coming after Palin in a bid to expose her as a dimwit, the former governor of Alaska would prefer to have GOP presidential hopefuls making a pilgrimage to Wasilla seeking her blessing.

Sarah Palin will definitely not run for president in 2012, she`s having too much fun being a celeb.

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