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Published:October 15th, 2010 12:57 EST

Jackass 3D Movie Review

By Inactive Writer

In this censored, politically correct nation, I love angering any and every pro-censorship person within earshot - or in this case, "eyeshot."

MOVIEI think I`ll accomplish that feat today by saying Jackass 3D was a great movie.

Now, some of those clean scrubbed members of society would tell me I`m immature and puerile for enjoying such "filth." Well, allow me to suggest that you get lives and enjoy what makes you laugh, and the rest of us will do the same. This world is polluted with enough filth without another uptight nimrod to ruin all of our entertainment.

Anyway, the third installment in the trilogy of rudeness and crudeness was shot in 3D this time, which is my only complaint. The movie had very few instances to capitalize on the supposed grandeur and "awesomeness" of 3D. I would have been laughing just as hard and tearing my abdomen with just as much force seeing this in 2D and saving the extra few bucks. It was a nice experiment, though.

Other than that, the movie is in the same vein as other Jackass movies - but far more gross. All you have to do is watch the portapotty scene you`ve been seeing in the commercials to know that - there is MUCH, MUCH more to that particular scene. Although, by the time that stunt rolls around, I`m sure you`ll have a general idea. The stunts without fecal matter and urine are noticeably more dangerous as well, such as a stunt where the boys play tetherball with a beehive, or a scene involving a plethora of tasers.

Animals come into play a little more as well. Snakes, rams, bulls, buffalo, bees, donkeys, scorpions, snakes, woodpeckers... No PETA, calm yourselves. They hurt the guys much more than they could have hurt them. Radical nutjobs.

Everything right down to the groin hits seemed to get more advanced and sophisticated - at least as sophisticated as a Jackass movie could possibly be. I will say one thing for the 3D aspect - nothing gets you rolling like a ton of diarrhea flying at your face. It`s almost as if you`re sharing in their pain face-to-face at some points. Another thing to make light of as far as camera work is the advanced usage of high-speed cameras to witness every ripple and wince of the pain and misery.

I forgot to mention - the movie opens up with a couple of fellow television doofuses who are SUPPOSED to return to MTV any day now...

All in all, the Jackass crew really outdid themselves and did a little bit more of everything. You may be thinking, "how could they possibly expand on years of television stunts as well as two feature films?" It`s all in the creativity; it seems to keep evolving with each film. Not every scene is filled with dookey or something intensely painful - some stunts are just creative and, well, stupid. Creative, clever stupidity. 

In conclusion, my desensitized, fecal friends, if you want more poop, more penises, more pain and more pleasure in your belly, go see this film. The guys prove there are many ways to continue the trend of pain and grotesque immaturity, and the laughs will remain with you for many days.

Final Verdict: A+

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