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Published:October 16th, 2010 13:39 EST
brett favre

Brett Favre Hit In Family Jewels By Errant Football

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Things are not going well for future hall of fame quarterback Brett Favre. First the sexting scandal, then throwing an interception for a touchdown that cost the Vikings a chance at victory on Monday night and now this.

During practice this week, a camera caught the NFL`s most prolific passer getting nailed in the groin with an errant football. Favre can be seen falling to his knees and rolling on his back in pain.

brett favre

Favre said earlier this week he may take a week or two off because of tendinitis in his throwing elbow and this can`t help matters." Read More

Favre may not be able to play this Sunday, putting his record of 289 consecutive starts in jeopardy. The Minnesota Vikings quarterback`s skills have diminished to the point where if his streak ends at 289 consecutive starts, he might as well retire.

Favre is idiot who sent a woman a photograph of his penis. It`s poetic justice that he was nailed in the groin with an errant football, but it would be even better if one of the women that Favre has sexually harassed connected with his family jewels with a stiletto heel.

I bet the disgraced quarterback cried like a baby when he was hit in the groin. Favre turns on the waterworks when he`s embarrassed or ashamed. Bawling might work for a schoolgirl, but I feel like kicking Favre in the groin when he starts crying.

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