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Published:October 16th, 2010 12:26 EST

National Siesta Championship Taking Place In Spain

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The first national siesta championship is under way in Spain to identify the best nappers and revive an endangered tradition of lunchtime snoozing.

Competitors are monitored during a 20-minute nap, CNN reports. They lie on a couch with pulse monitors attached and points are given for everything from actually sleeping, with snoring an additional plus, to unusual pajamas.


"The modern life is a danger that we feel is against the siesta. When you sleep la siesta everyone has the image that your life is calm, you have a good life. And then, the modern life is a direct attack," Daniel Blanco, the group`s president, told CNN." UPI

A siesta is a short nap taken in the early afternoon, usually after the midday meal. Taking a siesta is common in Spain, and many Latin American countries.

This is a tradition that should be adopted in the United States -- Americans have forgotten how to relax. Many Americans don`t even take a yearly vacation, and those who do usually take a smartphone and a laptop with them so they can remain in contact with the home office.

Hello!!! The purpose of a vacation is to forget about your job for a couple of weeks. Nobody is indispensible, and your office can survive without your input for a few weeks.

When I`m home I`m usually multitasking, writing essays, communicating with my editor via IM`s and watching TV.

But sometimes I allow myself the luxury of focusing on one thing: Taking a nap. I mute my computer and cell phone, and I take a short nap.

If you are too stressed out by everyday life and you can`t relax enough to fall asleep for a few minutes, take a beer or joint break.

We are taking the Protestant work ethic a bit too seriously, let`s follow the example of the predominantly Catholic Latin American countries and a take a nap now and then.

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