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Published:October 17th, 2010 20:18 EST
Zeus Trojan Horse Stealing Millions Around the World

Zeus Trojan Horse Stealing Millions Around the World

By Inactive Writer

The Zeus trojan horse is essentially a trojan that steals your bank account info by using a key logger, which is spread by using drive-by downloads and phishing.

Sounds like complicated stuff, so allow me to simplify: You`re suckered in to download something through your e-mail, such as the porn you`re used to downloading. You download the porn, and you now have the Zeus trojan from some code writer who had his hacker infect you with it. They then  grab your accounting information, suck your bank account dry and transfer the money to one of their mule accounts, which is then transferred to their bogus organization.

Something so simple should be easy to identify and detain, right? Well, this October, more than $70 million was stolen from US citizens alone by using the Zeus trojan - 90 men have been arrested for it. In September of 2010, 37 men were arrested for sucking $3 million from people`s bank accounts in New York with the trojan. Ten more were arrested in the UK for stealing millions of pounds with - you guessed it - the Zeus trojan.

Modern antivirus software can hardly detect the thing. Symantec`s website says that it can prevent some invasion attempts, but the efficacy of Internet protection tools such as Symantec is unknown as it pertains to Zeus. The virus can be purchased in underground crime rings for the low price of $700, with more advanced and ostensibly bigger money makers selling for $4000.

The best way to protect yourself? Don`t input your vital information into any text boxes on shady looking websites from shady looking emails. Always make sure the address in the address bar is correct, and enable your internet security package.

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