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Published:October 18th, 2010 15:21 EST
naomi campbell

Naomi Campbell Turns To Kaballah

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It seems Naomi Campbell is leaving no stone unturned to control her violent temper and maintain her calm.

The supermodel has revealed that she is attempting to reign in her explosive temper by converting to the mystical Kabbalah religion.

naomi campbell

After two court convictions for violence and repeated assaults on her personal staff, the 40-year-old said the teachings of Kabbalah were taking her to a `positive, calm place`.

Kabbalah is a spiritual movement rooted in Jewish mysticism with its supporters identified by a loose fitting string worn on the wrist."

I`m not convinced that Kabbalah`s mystical nonsense can tame Naomi Cambell`s demonic temper. I would advise everyone to give the supermodel a wide berth, if you get on her bad side she will probably try to strangle you with her Kaballah bracelet.

Naomi shouldn`t trust in the power of Kabbalah to curb her temper. The hot-headed model should opt for the insurance plan when she purchases a new cell phone, chances are she will eventually hurl it at a maid.

Madonna and other Hollywood twits also practice the Kabbalah faith, and the mystical religion hasn`t done anything to dampen Madge`s mercurial temper.

I`m sorry to say, but Naomi`s wicked temper won`t disappear until she`s too old to hurl a cell phone.

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