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Published:October 18th, 2010 17:13 EST
eddie long

Top Ten Ways Bishop Eddie Long Will Celebrate Halloween

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Trade in his Jheri Curl wig for an orange one. Believe it or not the neon orange toupee looks less ridiculous.

*Play Tiddlywinks with his down low friends.

*Count his money, and praise God that his tricks give him a lot of treats.

eddie long

*Take a Boy Scouts troop trick-or-treating.

*Don purple leotards and work out to a Richard Simmons DVD.

*Put a carved out pumpkin on his head and do the Macarena.

*Take a Halloween collection from his congregation, and buy an orange sports car.

*Tell his lawyers he ran out of money, and he`s paying them in candy corn.

*Dress like a pimp -- nobody will notice any difference.

*Wear orange thongs.

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