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Published:October 18th, 2010 15:57 EST
lindsay lohan

Wanna Look Like Lindsay Lohan For Halloween? Here's What You Have To Do!

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Pump enough collagen into your lips until you look like an angry trout.

*Ditch your panties.

*Hook-up with a lesbian who looks like an angry 16-year-old boy.

*Paste hundreds of brown-colored glitter all over your body so you will look like the freckled-faced starlet.

lindsay lohan

*Put a SCRAM bracelet on your ankle.

*Go on a crash diet until you look like one of the Olsen twins on crack.

*Take drugs and drink alcohol until you are an incoherent idiot.

*Rent a serial killer couple and pretend they are your parents.

*Glue stupid-looking hair extensions on your noggin.

*Swear like a sailor!

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