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Published:October 18th, 2010 14:39 EST

Want To Look Like Snooki For Halloween? Follow These Ten Steps!

By Robert Paul Reyes

*Take a five hour nap in a tanning booth, if you glow orange when you wake up, congratulations.

*Take a beehive, paint it black, and glue it to your head.

*Sniff any available inhalant until you fry half of your brain cells.


*Go to the red-light district of your town, and offer the first whore you see $75 for her outfit.

*Visit a daycare center and practice talking just like the toddlers.

*Walk around on your knees so you will be the same height as the reality star.

*Go to skid row and grab any wino, and everyone will think you are Snooki painting the town red with her boyfriend.

*Pretend you have Tourette`s Syndrome.

*Ask your five-year-old daughter for help in putting on your makeup.

*Pig out every day until Halloween.

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