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Published:October 19th, 2010 21:57 EST
Judyth Piazza chats wtih Jack L. Parker, Author of Parkers Adventure Travel Series

Judyth Piazza chats wtih Jack L. Parker, Author of Parkers Adventure Travel Series

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Jack L. Parker has been a writer for much of his life. He has written mostly for fly fishing and outdoor magazines. His love of fly fishing and travel has taken him to some very interesting parts of the world. Parker is retired from the medical profession and writes full time. He lives in Roseville, California with his wife, Susan, two small dogs, and three cats.

Patagonian Adventure

Jeff Thornton and Trudy Garrison are back. In Tibetan Adventure, the first book in Parkers adventure travel series, Jeff Thornton traveled to Tibet to help free his research scientist parents who were being held prisoners in a remote abandoned monastery by an evil Chinese army colonel. In Patagonian Adventure, the second book in the series, Jeff and his father venture to the vast, far off in a wild and sparsely settled region of Patagonia, Argentina. Jeff has near death experiences with a ruthless one-eyed gaucho and a huge killer puma, all while attempting to hook the biggest fish in the river. Patagonian Adventure, like Tibetan Adventure, is a memorable and must read for the entire family. Travel with Jack`s lead character, Jeff Thornton, to the Patagonian region of Argentina. Become engulfed in the country, the vivid description of its geography, culture and fauna. A spectral confrontation, thievery and life-threatening situation add to the excitement and possessiveness of the story.

Bhutanese Adventure

Avid fly-fisher and eager adventurer Jeff Thornton has settled back into college life with his close friend Trudy Garrison after the rescue of his kidnapped parents from the evil Chinese Colonel Chin. But his peaceful time fishing on the river soon comes to an end when his Tibetan friend Dorje returns to America to entreat Jeff`s help in saving the Himalayan country of Bhutan from the schemes of Jeff`s old nemesis Colonel Chin. Trudy and her parents agree to join the Bhutanese Adventure to give their trip the appearance of an innocent photojournalism/fly-fishing expedition. But their presence in Bhutan is soon discovered by a spy of Chin`s, who tracks them, hoping to lure them into a false sense of security before ensnaring them. The journey to save the Bhutanese will require all of Jeff`s and Trudy`s strength and courage, not to mention their fly-fishing skills to make their story plausible. But will it be enough? Follow Jeff Thornton on his Bhutanese Adventure, the third novel in Jack L. Parker`s adventure travel series.
Tibetan Adventure

Two kidnappings; a faked death; the mythical yeti; a powerful secret formula; and a hidden culture deep in an exotic land all come together in the intricate plot of the Tibetan Adventure, the new book by author Jack L. Parker. When Jeff Thornton s parents disappear, he learns they have been kidnapped by an evil Chinese army colonel who needs their talents as research scientists. When a Tibetan Khamban named Dorje tells Jeff his parents are being held in an abandoned monastery in Tibet, Jeff joins Dorje on a mission to free them, and the dangerous Tibetan Adventure begins. The Tibetan Adventure is the first book in Parker s adventure travel series featuring Jeff Thornton and Trudy Garrison.