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Published:October 19th, 2010 10:31 EST
Why Israel Should Not Possess a Secret Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

Why Israel Should Not Possess a Secret Nuclear Weapons Arsenal

By SOP newswire2

Israel needs the bomb like a fish needs a bicycle. The state of Israel has metamorphosed from a sanctuary for European Jews supported in 1948 by virtually all Jewish communities worldwide, such as mine in London - to a vicious, apartheid enclave that spews cluster bombs and white phosphorus at unarmed Palestinian families, and then claims "self defense`. It killed hundreds of unarmed children in Gaza alone in three weeks from December 2008. No Israeli has yet been charged with these war crimes. A few weeks ago the IDF killed nine civilian activists on board an aid vessel in international waters. No Israeli has yet been charged with these state-sponsored killings.

The Israeli state is aided, financed and supported by an AIPAC controlled House of Representatives in Washington, where members of congress are the routine recipients of financial "assistance` calculated to purchase their votes.  This scenario is claimed to be "democratic` notwithstanding that the actual paid-up membership of AIPAC is just 100,000 out of an American electorate of 300 million " just a tiny fraction of the whole.  Yet billions of US $ of arms: cluster bombs, bullets, F16/ F15 fighter jets, tanks, chemical weapons, missiles, rockets and every conceivable piece of weaponry are regularly shipped out to Israel by an AIPAC controlled United States of America, paid for with American tax dollars.

Israel concealed from President John F Kennedy that fact that it was building a nuclear weapons facility in 1963, by a well-planned subterfuge, in order to obtain American funding and influence. After the death of JFK, America has continued, under every presidency, to act in accordance with the wishes and aims of the movement of political Zionism in accordance with the pro-Israel lobby in the shape of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee AKA the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs.

As for the clandestine nuclear weapons program pursued by Israel since 1963: that is the only undeclared nuclear arsenal in the world. It is not subject to any control and is uninspected by the IAEA of the UN. No one knows its size but it is estimated to contain between 250 to 500 nuclear warheads. Sufficient to decimate half the planet. We do not know whose hand is on the trigger. What we do know is that the size of Israel`s secret arsenal means that it is not built merely for defensive purposes: that would require just three or four warheads, not a hundred times that figure.

No! Israel does not need the bomb " but the world needs the entire Middle East including Israel and Iran to be A NUCLEAR WEAPONS FREE ZONE. That means that Israel`s nuclear arsenal must be dismantled, urgently, before an immense calamity befalls, not just the Middle East, but the whole of Europe and half the world.  We must listen to facts " not propaganda. That already has taken us into an unwanted and unwarranted war with Iraq with disastrous results and the deaths of over a quarter of a million people including hundreds of American soldiers.

The world needs to act now.

By John RD Kidd