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Published:October 20th, 2010 13:14 EST
sarah palin

A Sarah Palin Toy That's Too Frightening Even For Halloween

By Robert Paul Reyes


"In August, Palin made an appearance on `Fox News Sunday` and said that, compared to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, she didn`t think Obama had `the cojones` to effectively deal with illegal immigration issues.

sarah palin

While her sassy statement may have angered some Americans, it inspired Emil Vicale, a Connecticut toymaker who runs, a company that specializes in novelty political toys and personalized action figures.

Vicale went nuts quickly drawing up the prototype of a new -- and topical -- political toy to add to his online store. A short time later, Sarah`s Talking Cojones were born.

The toy, which sells for $24.95 a pop or $21.95 if you buy in bulk, is a pink, plushy pair of `cojones` topped with coarse black hair and a loop, making it easy to hang on a key chain, car rear-view mirror, or, as Vicale suggests, `on the Christmas tree.` Read More

When dealing with the immigration issue it`s not the size of your cojones, but the size of your heart that matters.

Obama has compassion and concern for the hard-working undocumented workers, while Gov. Brewer treats them with contempt.

Maybe the rumors of Palin`s marital infidelities are true, if she`s such an expert on cojones.

Sarah`s Talking Cojones definitely aren`t for kids, these toys are very scary. These things are so nutty, imagine Sarah Palin`s voice emanating from pink cojones!

I`ll grant you that Obama may have cojones the size of peas, but at least he has a normal size brain. Whereas Palin may have cojones the size of bowling balls, but a brain as small as a cherry.

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