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Published:October 20th, 2010 17:22 EST

Dude Discovers Images Of Jesus On A Log! Treesus? Scam?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A North Carolina man said he discovered an image of Jesus on a fallen limb from a cherry tree in his yard.

Bill Johnson said one end of the log bears an image of a robed Jesus outstretching his hand and the head is near the center, giving the appearance of a halo. He said his wife took a look at the image and came to the same conclusion, adding that the other end of the log bears an image resembling a baby in a crib, also with a halo." UPI


An image of Jesus Christ on an object can fetch a pretty penny on eBay. It`s not surprising that enterprising folks have claimed to have seen Jesus on everything from a window pane to a slice of toast to soiled diapers.

But there are so many objects with images of Jesus for sale on eBay that the price of the holy relics has come down. Maybe that`s why Johnson claims that there`s an image of Jesus on both sides of the log.

Before you can recite one "Our Father" and two "Hail Mary`s" this holy log will go on sale on eBay.

I would throw the log on the fireplace, but there`s a sucker born every second, and one of them will buy the damn piece of wood.

Pics of holy log:,0,3288387.photogallery

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