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Published:October 21st, 2010 15:31 EST
juan williams

Political Correctness Insanity: NPR Fires Juan Williams For Telling The Truth

By Robert Paul Reyes


"National Public Radio terminated the contract of commentator Juan Williams after he said on Fox`s `The O`Reilly Factor` that people wearing Muslim garb on airplanes made him `worried` and `nervous.`

juan williams

The move was first reported Wednesday on Twitter by NPR`s media correspondent David Folkenflik, who said Williams` remarks `were inconsistent with our editorial standards.`

Williams was discussing political correctness Monday with host Bill O`Reilly and said that it could `lead to some kind of paralysis, where you don`t address reality.`" " target=_new>Read More

Most people, if they are honest with themselves and others, feel exactly the same way as Juan Williams. If I`m waiting for my plane to take off, and I hear passengers in Muslim garb praying "Allah Akbar", I will pull a Steven Slater and exit the plane via the emergency exit.

Juan Williams is paid by the Fox News Network and NPR to render his opinions about politics and current events. Juan`s opinion isn`t extremist; it`s shared by most Americans. Juan`s opinion isn`t based on fantasy, it`s grounded on reality. It`s isn`t Roman Catholics, Moonies, Scientologists, but Muslims who have a penchant for blowing up planes for the glory of God.

It was shortsighted and unfair for NPR to fire Juan Williams for basically doing his job. A commentator is paid to be entertaining and controversial, and even the most respected pundits will at times make statements that are exaggerated and controversial.

I don`t mean to imply that Williams goes out of his way to create controversy, and I`m not suggesting that his statement was untrue or bigoted. I`m making the point that commentators should be given a lot of latitude when expressing their opinions, especially those like Juan Williams who have earned the respect of their peers and the public for being fair-minded.

It`s ironic and tragic that Williams, who is black and deeply involved in the civil rights movement, is being accused by NPR of being a bigot.

Juan Williams is an oasis of intellectual honesty and fairness in the cesspool of sensationalism that is Fox News. It`s a rotten shame that NPR has stained the reputation of this respected journalist.

NPR is guilty of bowing down before the god of political-correctness; Williams is guilty of nothing but being faithful to his calling as a commentator and telling the truth.

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