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Published:October 22nd, 2010 13:29 EST
Favre May be Cleared of Sexual Allegations Due to the Lack of Communication by Sterger

Favre May be Cleared of Sexual Allegations Due to the Lack of Communication by Sterger

By Ron G Anselm


Brett Favre met with the brass of the NFL on Tuesday to discuss the sexual allegations still pending against him. He met with the NFL`s Security Department`s Vice President Milt Ahlerich. The meeting was in reference to the sexual allegations stating that Favre sent lewd photographs and text messages to Jenn Sterger and a couple of massage therapists while he was still the starting Quarterback for the New York Jets.

There were no details available as of yet as to what was said or what took place in the meeting but as a result of Sterger not as of yet going public with the allegations she has filed against Favre or has not yet met with any of the NFL`s management may result in the case against Favre being thrown out.

With no communication on the incident as of yet by Sterger has created a dead end investigation with not too much evidence to go on or to continue the investigation.  Maybe it`s a good thing Sterger has not communicated with the NFL on this case as of yet, the drama of this has diverted the attention of Favre and the Vikings towards this case instead of winning football games and if you are a Vikings fan, you may already know that Favre has not yet played this year for the team like the old Favre of the Green Bay Packers. He will need every ounce of his attention to be focused on football to be able to lead the Vikings to the playoffs this year.

Now, just this morning I heard that Sterger has hired a lawyer to represent her in the sexting allegations case against Favre. The question now is, did she hire a lawyer to file sexual harassment charges against the New York Jets since Favre was the team`s starting quarterback at the time and is the Jets responsibility when it comes to conduct? Or, did she hire a lawyer to go directly to Favre and file a lawsuit against him for the sexting allegations?