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Published:October 22nd, 2010 23:25 EST
lady gaga

Wearing Raw Meat Like Lady Gaga May Be Hazardous To Your Health

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The Hartford (Conn.) Courant said wearing raw meat like the pop singer did at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards can lead to infections including campylobacteriosis, which can bring about fever, muscle ache, diarrhea, dysentery and other symptoms.

lady gaga

The newspaper said wearing a meat dress, which many experts have predicted to be a popular costume this year, can also lead to toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that can lead to brain damage or death among those with weak immune systems." UPI

Lady Gaga`s fanatical fans know every lyric to all of her songs, and they often copy her outlandish costumes.

There might be a few Gaga fans who plan on wearing a raw meat outfit for Halloween, like the one the pop diva wore at the MTV Video Music Awards.

An outfit made of raw meat exposes the idiot wearing it to fever, muscle ache, diarrhea, and brain damage.

If you wear a costume made out of raw meat for Halloween, don`t be surprised if you bleach your hair platinum blond, start calling your friends and family members "monsters", and think you are God`s gift to humankind.

Don`t be a meathead! Don`t wear a meat costume for Halloween.

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