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Published:October 24th, 2010 10:15 EST
Fashion Statement for God Not so Fashionable

Fashion Statement for God Not so Fashionable

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Books sent by God contain important knowledge, but due to wrong religious education (and this applies to all the religions of God), this knowledge, in many cases, either does not reach the people at all or is taught wrongly to people.

People are forced to read the books of God in their original language, without understanding it ; pray in a language which they don`t understand; obey life principles which are not written in the books of God; clothe themselves in strange ways and attribute this to their religions which are neither books of fashion nor dictate any fashion.

What is worse, such venues of "fashion" generate serious conflicts in societies, whereas all the religions of God preach peace and love and brotherhood and tolerance and justice among people.

"Fashion" should be out of "religion". Alas, we see women with funny headpieces which they attribute to their religion, without having read and understood the book of their religion.

We see governments punishing people severely, because the people do not follow a certain fashion when it comes to their clothes.

The fact that "religion" is and should freely is an issue of mind and belief and not of superficiality and "show off". The important principles should be emphasized and not so important issues should not replace the important issues.
In his book "SMALL MIRACLES" - ISBN 1598001000 (Outskirts Press), author Askin Ozcan discusses in the Chapter, "The Believers", a coming together of all the religions of God and of the religions, sciences and arts. This, in fact, is suggested both in The Holy Koran and in The Holy Bible.

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