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Published:October 24th, 2010 17:21 EST
sean penn

Sean Penn And Amy Winehouse: Separated At Birth?

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Academy Award winning actor and director Sean Penn has played disparate roles in movies, from surfer dude Jeff Spicoli in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" to gay icon Harvey Milk in "Milk"

sean penn

But who could have guessed that in Penn`s new movie, he`s a dead-ringer for Amy Winehouse. If you looked at a photo of Penn dressed in drag for his character in the movie "This Must Be The Place", you would swear that he was filming a biopic of the troubled singer.

With his ratty wig and bright red lipstick, Penn is a dead-ringer for Amy Winehouse.

When a hard-living 50-year-old man looks likes a twin of 27-year-old Winehouse, that should serve as a wake-up call for the pop diva.

Amy Winehouse is not a bad-looking woman, with a little help from Max Factor and a little divine intervention she could look half-way decent. If the pop tart did something about her hair, and stopped dressing like a blind hooker on crack, she wouldn`t resemble a middle-aged man.

For those with a strong heart here`s a link to pics of Sean Penn as Amy Winehouse:

Props to Myrddin Gwynedd of OhTheScandal.Com, she`s the one who first noticed the striking resemblance between Penn and Winehouse. Read More

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