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Published:October 24th, 2010 09:58 EST
The Ultimate Agenda of Democrats

The Ultimate Agenda of Democrats

By SOP newswire2

This article below mine is a good example but only one of how the globalist are manipulating currencies worldwide.  Although it doesn`t outright say it, the purpose is to consolidate the power over the purse if you will into the hands of a few and is not a new thing; it has been going on for quite a while.  While China refuses to devalue the yuan, which has an effect on U.S. exports I have to say I am glad they don`t walk in lock-step with the world`s central bankers.  This is the formation of the last form of gentile world power I am talking about but at this point some countries are resorting to protectionism methods and this of course is the greatest threat to this reprobate dictator`s plan for global governance.  I know most people won`t take the time to read this because it is too long but if one wants to gain an understanding of what is taking place on the world scene and America they should take the time because one will come away with a pretty good idea of what is shaking in the bushes.
Just so you will know, this manipulation of currencies is one thing that brought out the violence in God more than anything during Jesus ministry; remember the whip he took to them.  James 2:6 But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats?  For many reasons this brought about the ire of God Almighty to include robbing the working man of his day and with the purpose of concentrating the wealth into the hands of a few just as we are seeing with Obama and the Democratic Party.  James 5:4 Behold, the hire of the laborers` who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabbath.  People were rendering unto Caesar and at the same time these Jewish politicians and religionist were robbing them blind.  Mark 11:15  And they come to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into the temple, and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.  Mark 11:17  And he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves.
History Repeats

What we see in America today with Obama and the Democrats is a carbon copy of this using the "spread the wealth" ideology to sell their point but in reality is not at all they`re sole purpose of controlling the wealth.  Thanks to God who knows how to take at least to him the simple things of the world and use it to confound the wise, is resonating with the poor and unlearned of America because what they were promised is not materializing is it? As a matter of fact, I am disappointed the Republicans are not using the old adage are you better off today since the Democrats took over "?  Of course we know the answer to that.  In 2006 when the Democrats took control of the House and Senate meaning having the authority over the purse there was $160 billion budget deficit and today it is over $3 trillion so go figure on why the Republicans aren`t using this as a powerful rebuttal.  All we hear and goes unanswered is we inherited a bad economy from Bush and the Republicans and are having to clean up their mess ".  Finally, this message of Obama isn`t resonating well among the populace because they have been in control too long to blame anyone else but themselves. 
Note: It needs to be said as a reminder to all it was the Democrats that forced lending institutions to make bad mortgage loans to people they knew couldn`t make the payments with the Community Reinvestment Act that Bill Clinton, Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd used to bring about the collapse of the financial institutions that called for the bailouts from the taxpayers.  It was the Democrats that beat back Bush and Shelby`s effort to rein in the Fannies.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the instruments of this debacle.  It was also Bill Clinton that got NAFTA passed that sent our Middle-Class paying jobs overseas leaving us with a Service and Credit economy so please spare me of what a great president he was.  It took the shutting down of government to force Clinton into a balanced budget, a promise the Republicans made the people of America with the Contract of America in 94.
Say they are Jew but are not

Today the Jewish population of America is solidly "socialist" in their ideology and is why they almost fully support the Democratic Party because they closely align with this ideology.  I bring this up for only one reason, to illustrate those that call themselves Jews are not real Jews according to the scripture but give the true Jew a bad name. This is a deceptive scheme of Satan to turn popular opinion against the Jew to set about his annihilation from the planet.  The widely held view that Jews control the wealth is a lie because if you go back to the scripture you find it is not the Jew that was promised the wealth but the descendants of Ishmael.  The Jew was given the spiritual blessing. Besides the bible says in the last days the Jew will go back to Israel; not maybe but shall!  The so-called Jews of America are ready to throw the Jews in Israel under the bus if it means their wealth being threatened. 
Look at the facts, Obama is the most anti-Jewish president in the history of America and yet the vast majority of so-called Jews of America fully supports him and the party that is siding with the Arabs even to the point of promising them Jerusalem as their capital. We have many in the hierarchy of the Jewish establishment in America demanding Israel give up land for peace when the overwhelming facts reveal this doesn`t work.  There are so-called Jews in Israel demanding the same thing but the bible tells us there is a time coming when the sheep will be separated from the goats in Israel to the tune of 2/3 of the goats being slaughtered according to Zechariah the prophet.  Stop and think, no other race of people on planet earth is there a closer bond linking of blood ties that is more obvious than in the Jew.  They have been separated from their homeland, scattered all over the world for over two thousand years and yet there is still a common Jewish Hebrew language and old customs still in place and this was done by design by the author and finisher of our faith Jesus Christ the God of heaven.
To further prove the point the Democrats are using deceptive tactics when it comes to your money and not their own, consolidating the wealth works for the Democrats as long as it is not their own money being used for this.  The elite of the Democratic Party have their money invested so they don`t have to pay taxes and is why they have never seen a tax they didn`t like.  See George Soros, Bill Gates, Peter Lewis, David Rockefeller, Billary Clinton, John Kerry, etc. and these are only a few names you would recognize but are heavily involved in bringing about the one-world government yet contribute little of their vast wealth via taxes paid into the U.S. economy.

So what`s the point?  The point is when you go into the voting booth, remember what you are voting for, which hopefully is you and your family`s freedom and to vote to keep the Democrats in power is a vote for a dictatorship.  Hopefully, you are in disagreement with Obama and the Democratic Party that we are not citizens of the world but are independent sovereign citizens of the United States only and solely believe in the constitution of the same.  If Americans unlearned or not can`t see what these reprobates in control now are doing then God help us, we are doomed.  I asked you not to allow it to get to the point where we must lose what we have before we learn what we lost.  Put another way, instead of the confusing Democrat message of I was against it before I was for it, we should think about where we got what we got and that means a turning back to God.

By David L Lamon

G-20 Meetings Could Prove Very Important for Currencies
By Bryan Rich

Dear David,

While many investors have their eyes on the G-20 Summit in November, this weekend`s gathering of G-20 finance ministers could prove to be the more significant event for markets.

If you take a look at recent history, I think you would agree.

In March 2009, when the financial crisis was at its peak, when uncertainty was at its greatest, the G-20 finance ministers met in a perceived "warm-up" for the broader G-20 Summit in the weeks following.
It just so happened that the U.S. stock market reversed from the depths of its deepest decline since the Great Depression that same week " the world`s most closely monitored gauge for the health of the U.S. economy jumped 25 percent in just 14 trading days.

The bounce in stocks took commodities and most global currencies with it. And with that came a recovery in global confidence and risk appetite.

The overall result was a sharp nine-month rally in global financial markets that persuaded the masses that "a sharp economic recovery and a return to normalcy" were under way.

Then ...

In June 2010, the global economy was again on the precipice of disaster. Unsustainable sovereign debt problems in the euro zone had taken its currency " the world`s second most widely held " to the edge of a cliff, and the European banking system was not far behind it.

A potential destruction of the euro, the monetary union and the sovereign debt laden European banking system started sending up warning flares for economies around the world. Once again, liquidity started tightening up, putting the world`s financial system in jeopardy.

The world`s attention was squarely on the euro. As the euro moved lower, so did global stocks, commodities and higher risk currencies.

The decline in those markets destroyed confidence and threatened the global economy with another bout of recession.

AGAIN, the finance ministers convened for scheduled meetings over an early June weekend. And sure enough, the following Monday, June 7, the euro bottomed.

As the euro moved higher, global investor fear began to wane. Global markets bounced back and outlook for the world brightened.

Confidence was restored in financial markets.

Now, here we are with a THIRD meeting of G-20 finance ministers, also with a brewing crisis of confidence.

This time, it`s about the growing acts of protectionism " actions that are fracturing the geopolitical unity that has been critical in keeping the global economic crisis from boiling over into unabated depression.
The key spoiler: An escalating crisis in currencies.

Currency Wars

With the recent weakness in the dollar, most global currencies have been aggressively climbing in value.
In response, there has been a growing frequency of unilateral currency market intervention. In plain English, to protect their competitiveness in global trade, countries are battling each other to weaken their currencies.

Japan stepped in last month to weaken the yen with its biggest daily intervention on record. South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil and others have been consistently intervening to stem the tide of strength in their currencies.

While many perceive the catalyst for these actions to be the dollar and Fed policy, that`s not entirely the case. It all boils down to China.

Countries that are heavily reliant on exporting are less concerned about the value of their currencies relative to the dollar than they are relative to China`s currency ... the yuan.

While its trade competitors are experiencing stronger currencies, China continues to keep a lid on the yuan " keeping it closely aligned with the dollar. That has created an increasingly growing competitive trade advantage for China.

That`s precisely why we`re seeing countries take matters into their own hands, with outright intervention to weaken their currencies. And given this environment, global officials are very concerned that a contagion of protectionism could quickly send the world back toward the edge of the cliff.

So, with the G-20 finance ministers back in session this weekend, will we see a market response?

Given the recent history, I see two ways they could act to change the tide:

Action #1: Convince China to revalue its currency ... a one-off revaluation.

It would be a move that would go a long way toward rebalancing global economies, a key ingredient in allowing the world to find a sustainable path of growth. That would also reverse global central banks` bias toward more QE " a stabilizing force. And it would create a more competitive trade environment for Asian exporters " a stabilizing force. But a China revaluation is very unlikely to happen.

Action #2: A coordinated intervention by G-4 countries to weaken the yen against the dollar.

This would reinforce global unity. And it would weaken most currencies around the world relative the Chinese yuan, because it would strengthen the dollar, to which the yuan continues to trade very tightly with.

It wouldn`t change the biggest problem with the yuan ... its relationship with the dollar. But it would quell the rising threat of global competitive currency devaluations among its global trading competitors, a dangerous and divisive game.