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Published:October 25th, 2010 10:51 EST
brett favre

Everybody Jumping On The Hate Brett Favre Bandwagon!

By Robert Paul Reyes

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre looked as ancient as Methuselah as he limped off Lambeau Field Sunday, probably for the last time as a player.

As the disgraced quarterback sought refuge in the locker room, he was pelted with insults by the Green Bay fans who once revered him.

brett favre

Vikings coach Brad Childress had no soothing words for his ailing quarterback, instead he lambasted him for throwing three interceptions.

It`s not just Green Bay fans, and Favre`s own coach who can`t stand him, Americans are sick and tired of the morally decrepit crybaby.

On Sunday Favre`s three interceptions cost his team a win, but his perverted behavior of the field is hurting the NFL`s reputation.

These are not the best of times for Favre, time has finally caught up with the future Hall of Fame quarterback. Favre is having a mediocre season on the gridiron, and an awful year outside of football.

They shoot horses, don`t they? Will somebody please put Favre out of his misery? Either the Vikings coach should permanently bench Favre for poor performance on the field, or the commissioner of the NFL should suspend him for wretched behavior off the field.

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