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Published:October 25th, 2010 19:21 EST

Google Street View Steals Passwords, Other Sensitive Info?

By Inactive Writer

Google is in some deep crap after admitting to copying household computer passwords and emails from unsecured wireless networks while taking photographs for its stalkerish Street View mapping service in the UK.

Google denies doing this purposely, saying the information was inadvertently gathered as they passed by. Google did say, however, that they collected people`s SSID and MAC address information to enhance their location-based services, such as finding your location on your overpriced, unnecessary smartphone.

As ubiquitous as Google has become, a very lucrative form of money making for companies and Google itself is undoubtedly ad space. So to me, it seems logical that Google could have siphoned all of this personal information with the intent of distributing email addresses to companies. They already admitted earlier this year that they scanned people`s wireless networks to collect their personal information to help sell advertisements, so this notion isn`t too far off.

I just want to know why Google finds it pertinent to send a car around to take pictures of... EVERYTHING. Is this how loose our privacy is nowadays? This isn`t meant to be alarmist or sensational, but let me throw you a scenario. Dirty filthy robber X wants to find out where Victim Y lives. He knows Victim Y has some new and awesome stuff that he just bought, but he just can`t seem to find his house. Oh, look! Google has the listed addresses of every house on Earth, as well as the view right outside their homes! Dirty filthy robber X has all he needs to do his dirty, filthy work.

We`re already on camera from every angle courtesy of the local government, why do we need another corporate entity sending around cameras to enhance their dominance of the world? And what exactly is the purpose of those antennae, and how do they just "accidentally" grab our info?

Face it, Google is just another greedy, shady corporation looking to make money any way they can. You have no privacy. Your email address is a company`s ticket to advertising Heaven, and they don`t even need your consent. Pretty soon, Google will run telescreens that will pop up on our computer monitors forcing us to give thanks to their almighty power and do other unsavory tasks.

It`s really lame to have to think of what information we all leak to nosy companies in our daily perusal of the Internet. It`s even lamer for Google to be able to get away with such blatant privacy invasion. A company can find out what you like, read, listen to or wipe your ass with and mold the perfect advertisement just for the things you love in hopes you`ll click on it and generate some revenue. It`s all about the almighty dollar in this nation - from politics to television to the Internet to the common thief researching the grounds of his target`s house with Google Street View - it`s all the same.

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