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Published:October 25th, 2010 09:53 EST
Thank You for Calling

Thank You for Calling

By Ed Roberts


Thank you for calling



Thank you for calling

My name is Ed

How can I help you today


I understand

I apologize that that happened

Yes, I know who you are

I have all your information

Right here before me


I know you are


The president

Or vice-president

Of your company

Believe me

All the people I try to help

Are important to me


I understand

To you, I am but a customer service person

A person that gets paid

A lot less than you

Believe me

I know how valuable your time is

No, you don`t need a manager

Or a supervisor

To help you with this

I have trained intensively to perform this job

And I have done it well

For more than ten years now

I can help you

Sometimes far better than some of them can


Have you stopped to think

I might be someone`s father

Or grandfather

That I really am a genius

That I may have accomplished so much in this lifetime

More than you might begin to imagine

That I have stood before the Temple of Petra

Drawn water from the Well of Lawrence

Sailed above the Great Barrier Reef

Looked down over the rainforest

That surrounds Kuranda

Read poetry before ambassadors of several countries

That I am the author of seven books

And have been nominated once

For a Pulitzer Prize



To you

I am merely a voice on a telephone

One that is here

To try and help you

Or listen to you

As you vent your frustration



I know who you are

And I will do my best

To help you

I hope you understand though

That sometimes

I wish you knew who I am

As well



Thank you for calling

My name is Ed

How can I help you today



Ed Roberts 10/24/10


A wise man knows the vastness of his own ignorance

And his own insignificance to that of the Universe "  Albert Einstein


I have to add though

Each of us is a one-of-a-kind priceless creation in the eyes of God "


Understanding the truth behind both of these is one of the greatest challenges in life.


I make my living working at a call center here in Oklahoma City.

I write poetry to try and change the world.

Sometimes the world does listen.