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Published:October 25th, 2010 13:34 EST
thomas kerney

Who Is More Gangsta: Bishop Eddie Long Or Kerney Thomas?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Bishop Eddie Long doesn`t exactly come across as a respected theologian, and humble pastor. Long`s Jheri Curl wig, pimped-out wardrobe, and fractured syntax will discourage any intelligent truth seeker from taking him seriously.

thomas kerney

Long isn`t an aberration in the world of televangelists, there`s a parade of eccentric preachers on TV raking in the big bucks with their grammar-impaired sermons.

Televangelist Kerney Thomas (The Funny Screaming Preacher) makes Bishop Eddie Long look a stern Calvinist preacher.

Kerney laughs all the way to the bank, he lives like a king in a mansion, and tools around in luxury cars.

Kerney doesn`t have any formal training as a minister, the Biblical languages of Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek are all Greek to the reverend. But what the heck, the donations start flowing in, when Kerney gets filled with the Holy Ghost and starts speaking in tongues.

Shame on BET for giving a platform to scam artists like Peter Popoff, Robert Tilton and Thomas Kerney

For your entertainment (certainly not for your spiritual edification), I present "The Screaming Preacher":

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