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Published:October 27th, 2010 17:17 EST

Fool Mistakes A Halloween Decoration For Bloody Human Foot

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Police in Kansas called out to investigate a report of a bloody foot hanging from the trunk of a car determined it was a Halloween decoration, authorities said.

A woman motorist called police in Overland Park last week to report sighting the foot, which she said she was sure was part of a child`s severed leg, a Police Department blog post by Chief John M. Douglass said."



I hate busybodies, when they get involved in something that isn`t their business, nine times out of ten they come out looking like fools, and they unnecessarily complicate the lives of upstanding citizens.

This meddling lady should be charged with making a frivolous call to an emergency number.

Hello! Halloween is right around the corner, and it`s not unusual to see macabre decorations.

Hello! If it was a real leg sticking out of the car trunk, the trunk would have been unable to close.

Hello! You silly twit, do you really think a murderer would carelessly leave a human leg sticking out of the trunk?

I wonder if this idiot has reported seeing Garfield`s torso sticking out of a trunk?

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