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Published:October 28th, 2010 11:02 EST
Ken Buck Is WRONG for Colorado!

Ken Buck Is WRONG for Colorado!

By John G. Kays

Colorado is the tightest senate race in the nation. The latest Survey USA Denver Post poll has Ken Buck at 47% and Michael Bennet at 47%. 5% will probably vote for another candidate, with only 1% described as independent voters. Three weeks ago, Ken Buck had a 19 point edge with independents, but now Bennet has a 2 % advantage. I think I know why Bennet is starting to pull ahead.

Ken Buck and Michael Bennet

This morning I watched a half a dozen Ken Buck ads on YouTube, and all of them were completely empty of content. They just lumped Michael Bennet in with Washington and big government spending, while they claimed Buck stands for limited self-government. No specific remedial programs for Coloradoans were mentioned by Buck. In sharp contrast to this, a Bennet ad, Who is Ken Buck?, characterizes Buck as an extremist on every important issue.

I`m thinking that undecided voters are beginning to see the light. Ken Buck has said some very stupid things, and made several offensive statements about women and gays, for example. During the Republican Primary with Jane Norton, Ken muttered: "Why should you vote for me? Because I do not wear high heels." Couldn`t be anymore sexist and Ken`s not even trying to hide it.

Most people know about Ken`s awkward and offensive gaffe when he compared gays to alcoholics, as if gays have some type of disease. On the scientifically proved issue of global warming, Buck called it "the greatest hoax that has been perpetrated." So that will include women, gays and environmentalists who will want to stop Ken Buck from joining the U.S. Senate.

Women will need to read an article that appears in Mother Jones, The Ken Buck Rape Case by Nick Baumann. This was an ideal case for a prosecutor to take on because the rapist admitted the woman didn`t want to have sex. Buck failed to prosecute the rape case when he was district attorney in Weld County. And then he made an abhorrent comment that the rape victim might have been suffering from "buyer`s remorse."

Does Ken Buck have a grudge against women? It sure looks that way. And we know he is vehemently opposed to abortion, even in cases of incest or rape. Hopefully, many more women will come out to vote in order to block Buck. Michael Bennet`s wife, Susan Daggett, has been energizing women in Colorado. You will benefit by reading a piece in the New York Times, Small Efforts Add Up in Colorado Senate Race, by Kirk Johnson.

Wide-spread apathy can be countermanded by an awareness of ignorance. Gays and women have solid reasons to block Ken Buck`s bid for the senate. And if Hispanics will cast their vote in Colorado, Michael Bennet will win. The Hispanic share of the vote in Colorado is 13 percent. In such a tight contest, this would easily be the difference. If they`ll just listen for a moment to that crackpot Tom Tancredo, and his hardline stance on immigration, their apathy will disappear.

And don`t forget, Buck wants to end the minimum wage. Poor people have a motive themselves to prevent Buck from winning. Many people work at fast food restaurants-I have done my fair share of time at a Jack-In-the-Box or a Pizza Hut-and if these cut-throat companies weren`t required to pay minimum wage, they would simply cut wages in a millisecond. Fast food clip joints don`t care about their workers, and Ken Buck doesn`t care about workers either. And how about the elderly? Buck wants to do away with Social Security. How about poor students who need student loans? Buck wants to kill the Department of Education.

Listen to KB`s empty ads, then review the many offensive statements he has made about women, gays, poor workers, the elderly and students. "I don`t think our founding fathers ever intended that our federal government to have student loans." Like they ever addressed this issue, Ken.

A vote for Ken Buck is your way of saying I want to reverse the gains made for all people during the last two centuries. It`s a return to the haves and have nots system, a return to a slave and master system, where rich and poor, gay and straight, men and women, old and young are at odds. It`s a return to the DARK AGES!

Who Is Ken Buck?