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Published:October 29th, 2010 10:27 EST
Intervention to Save the Life of Tariq Aziz, Former Prime Minister of Saddam Hussein

Intervention to Save the Life of Tariq Aziz, Former Prime Minister of Saddam Hussein

By SOP newswire2

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman, National Panthers Party and Member, National Integration Council has urged US President, Mr. Barack Hussein Oabama for his immediate intervention to save the life of Mr. Tariq Aziz, presently under detention in Baghdad who has been condemned to death by semi-military court. Mr. Tariq Aziz was the Deputy Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister in the Government of President Saddam Hussein who was real architect of the foreign policy, development and composite culture of Iraq.

The Panthers Party Chief has been a close friend of President Saddam Hussein who was not allowed by the US army to go to Baghdad to plead the case of President Saddam Hussein and other members of his cabinet. Prof. Bhim Singh in his letter to US President has sought his immediate intervention to save the life of a great and noble human being. Mr. Tariq Aziz was a noble and respected Christian and he is being punished only to destroy the last scion of the Arab Baath Socialist Pa rty in Iraq which was responsible for promoting composite culture in Iraq and leading the nation towards development and harmony.

The copy of the letter is reproduced as under; "I am taking this liberty urging Your Excellency for your just and human intervention to save the life of 75 years old, Tariq Aziz, Former Dy. Prime Minister with President Saddam Hussein, who has been condemned to death by an Iraqi Court functioning under the dictates of a sectarian government imposed on the people of Iraq by the United States of America with a purpose to wreak vengeance on the great people of Iraq for having supported President Saddam Hussein and Baath Party in Iraq.

President Saddam Hussein was executed in utter violation of rule of law. My letter to President George W. Bush at that time a copy of which I am sending to Your Excellency for your information urging him to not to kill a President of the State who led Iraq towards development and saved the composite culture in Iraq. That was a great blunder of USA to allow President Saddam Hussein to be hanged in full view of the world. Its consequences may be realized by the middle of 21st century the day the Arab World shall unite against any foreign interference with their land, strategic waters or oils.

Mr. Tariq Aziz whom I knew personally for many years is a wonderful human being and has worked with dedication and commitment for the welfare of the people of Iraq and the development of his country. Mr. Tariq Aziz had voluntarily offered himself to the trespassing US military. He remained in the detention of US army for years. That was a grave violation of international law, diplomatic decency and the convention that the US handed over Mr. Tariq Aziz to the US sponsored sectarian government who are afraid of the last drop of the Baath Party activists who have been functioning for years and developed a composite culture comprising of Sunnies, Shias, Kurds and Christians fraternity. The USA is responsible for the liquidation of a political party in Iraq by allowing the execution through the unlawful courts of the leadership and killing several thousands of the Baath Party activists in the streets and at home.

Mr. Tariq Aziz, perhaps was the last scion of the Arab Baath Socialist Party in Iraq. No person in the world a judicial or un-judicial could digest the death sentence awarded to this nobleman only because of his functioning as a Foreign Minister under President Saddam Hussein. His hanging may not be less cruel than the crucification of Christ by the Romans. I take this opportunity to plead with my strongest appeal to you, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama who happened to be the President of the super power, the USA.

Justice needs to be done and you are in such a place having wisdom, vision and courage to act in the right direction. Your intervention may change the course of history vis-à-vis relations between the USA and the Arab World. The reverend Pope Paul of Vatican has also made appeal in this regard. Dear President, I quote Shakespeare, "wisdom lies in daring`. You have both and world is looking towards your courage and magnanimity. Every person shall have to die, why to kill him and wet hands in his blood".