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Published:October 29th, 2010 09:20 EST

Paulina Porizkova Condemns Madonna's Plastic Surgery Addiction

By Robert Paul Reyes

Former model Paulina Porizkova, 45, who looks terrific without the aid of plastic surgery, criticized Nicole Kidman and Madonna for their addiction to cosmetic surgery:

"`[Nicole Kidman] especially really annoys me because I think she was one of the most beautiful women ever, and one of the greatest actresses,` Paulina told Billy on Wednesday. `I really looked up to her. When you start [having cosmetic work done on] what already is beautiful, that kind of insecurity really disheartens me because it makes me feel like, `What about me?`


`Madonna bought that timeless beauty, didn`t she? That`s just my personal opinion,` Paulina told Billy. `But to me she represents the most of everything. She`s just the biggest, she`s the richest, she`s the most everlasting. She`s really something." Read More

I`ve received many emails from folks who take exception to my relentless criticism of the Material Girl. I am a counterweight to the prevailing paradigm that young women fall short of the mark if they don`t look like they just stepped off the runway.

As a young woman Madonna was an excellent example to young girls, she proved that a female artist could take control of her own career, and not compromise her artistic vision.

As an old lady Madonna should set an example by simply ageing gracefully, and showing that a middle-aged woman has her own kind of beauty.

Instead Madonna dresses like a 20-something, exercises fanatically, and is addicted to plastic surgery.

For the sake of impressionable young girls, it is incumbent upon the press to blast Madonna for her vanity and stupidity. It is our duty to report how Madonna`s desperate efforts to look young have backfired. Madonna looks god-awful, she has the face of a mannequin, the hands of a witch, and the arms of a skeleton.

I commend Paulina for going against the grain, and proving that a 40-something woman can look beautiful without resorting to plastic surgery.

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