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Published:October 30th, 2010 14:13 EST
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Help Save America: Re-elect Senator Harry Reid!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Harry Reid, a key ally to President Barack Obama, is in danger in Tuesday`s election of becoming the first U.S. Senate majority leader in 58 years to be booted out of office by home-state voters.

statue of liberty

A Reid defeat -- to a favorite of the anti-establishment Tea Party movement -- would be a repudiation of Obama, who made several trips to Nevada to try to bail out his fellow Democrat, widely viewed as tough but not charismatic.

It would also be a sign that the political brand of many experienced senators -- those who deliver results through back-room dealings rather than fiery oratory -- is not as powerful a draw for voters as it once was.

But above all, it underlines the importance of the economy and unemployment in these elections. Nevada has the highest jobless rate in the country, at 14.4 percent compared to a national average of 9.6 percent." Reuters

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid doesn`t have the charisma of a Sarah Palin, the eloquence of a Barack Obama, or the fresh appeal of a Tea Party candidate.

The 71-year-old politician`s appeal to the electorate is his experience, and his proven ability to pass legislation favorable to his constituents.

But the Tea Party has done an excellent job of depicting old pols like Reid as the real problem in Washington.

Sen. Reid is in the political fight of his life against Sharron Angle, a darling of the Tea Party movement.

If Reid loses to Angle it will be a devastating blow for Democrats, and a tremendous victory for the Tea Party movement.

Reid may be plodding and boring, but he`s an intelligent, compassionate and effective politician. The citizens of Nevada will make a huge mistake if they don`t return Reid to the Senate.

Stop the Tea Party dead on its tracks, and re-elect Sen. Harry Reid!

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