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Published:October 30th, 2010 10:17 EST
You Like Facebook? Wait Till You See What The Swindlers Have in Store for You

You Like Facebook? Wait Till You See What The Swindlers Have in Store for You

By Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

The Internet is about to be hijacked

Wake up, America. You think you`re poised to send people to Washington who will kill off health care reform, privatize Social Security, shrink big bad government and keep those pesky immigrants in their place? You`re wrong. You`re fixing - if you vote for the hard right - to kill off the Internet as you know it.

Oh yeah, don`t kid yourselves, that`s the prize, and the reason nobody is talking about it is because the politicians and the corporations they toady up to don`t want you to know what the real prize is. They prefer you fat, dumb and unhappy about damned near everything but the things that matter most.

All those other so-called issues, they`re peanuts compared to this one, because the Internet is the one thing the ordinary people of this world have got going for them. They`re talking to each other every day. They`re listening to foreigners, " they`re exchanging ideas, they`re becoming real human beings right before each other`s eyes "and that`s the one thing the political and corporate elite can`t stomach because it`s the one thing that could pry their fingers off your throats.

The corporations and all the extremists of the world "Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, you name them "have one thing in common, they don`t want you to get to know each other any better than you do. They want to control how you communicate and to say when you`re communicating too much. That`s the only way they can keep on raping the environment, bankrupting the nation and fattening the bankers on war debt.

You think the fall of communism was the most important event since World War II? I doubt it. I believe the Internet was, and it`s evolving with lightning speed "and scaring the hell out of everybody who tries to tell you black is white and white is black, everybody who picks your pockets and feeds at the public trough. The Internet is far more dangerous than any terrorist bomb, but it endangers the right people, the bombers, the war profiteers, the swindlers, the liars, the politicians and their fat-cat bosses.

Terrorists who bomb people don`t hold a candle to terrorists who screw people every day around the world, and that includes all the political stooges we`ve put in office, not just in Washington but in boards and councils and commissions all around the country and the world. And no ideology or form of government is going to change that. But the Internet is challenging it, and our corporate masters, the ones who have just bought this election, are dying to get their hands on it. And that`s why they`ll tell you any lie you want to hear, just so you don`t catch on to what they`re really trying to steal.

The debate has largely focused on: a) Washington defending the Internet against foreign censorship, and b) the federal government pushing for control of the Internet to counter terrorism and other threats. Whatever search terms you use on the web, this is the picture that emerges, and it is deceptive, because the greater threat is that Congress and whatever administration is in power at the time will give global corporations that have very little allegiance to the United States, even though they benefit from its protection and services, the right to regulate access to the worldwide web in various ways, including pricing out ordinary users. We would then have an Internet as censored as our press. This is the aspect of the debate the politicians and oligarchs don`t want you to see. They want you to think they are acting in your behalf, securing your safety, combating pornography, or whatever excuse is handy, but their real objective is to control the means by which people speak to each other.

You think the Supreme Court sold out our electoral system? You ain`t seen nothing yet. Wait until you see what happens if you send politicians of the extreme right to Washington. You can forget about Facebook. You won`t be able to afford access to it when the corporations get their hands on the Internet. You may not even be able to afford e-mail or Skype. And who paid for this revolutionary project, the worldwide web? You did. You think the bank bailout swindled you? Wait until you see the hijacking of your Internet!

I chat with Indians, Pakistanis, North Africans and many other people on Facebook, and I believe I am combating terrorism more effectively than budget-busting remote-controlled drones. I also believe that a broad segment of the corporate oligarchy that fattens itself on war debt does not want me to do this. There`s no telling what will happen when people start talking to each other, which is why government "mostly in your hometown and not Washington "is conducted in back rooms.

Greed isn`t the only reason the communications giants are spoiling to choke the Internet. They know damned well that the Internet isn`t like Fox (so-called) News or any other medium. They can slip you pabulum or poison via virtually every medium but the Internet, and that`s why they want to cage it. The Internet holds out to the world the possibility of telling it like it is, and that is the one thing corporations and their political hacks do not want us to do. They want to tell us what it is, and if we rely on the nightly news to make our decisions they will pick our liberties out of our pockets one by one and two by two, telling us any damned lie we want to hear, the loonier the better.

They love inciting you to foam about health care and big government and big bad old Washington because it distracts you from the prize they really want. You think the subprime mortgage crisis was a surprise? That`s what the press wanted you to believe because it had been feeding at the hands of the predatory lenders and flimflamming developers. It was no surprise except to its victims. Who in his right mind could believe the health of the American economy could be measured by the number of housing starts? And that is exactly what the press to this day is feeding you. A truly healthy economy would mean a much more diverse job market, rising wages and benefits, more buying power, not building McMansions on half-acre lots with borrowed Chinese money.

And what stands in the way of even bigger whoppers? Certainly not the bought press. But the Internet and our free, fair and equal access to it stands in the way. Think about that when you go to the polls. Don`t vote for another bankrupting swindle.



Djelloul (jeh-lool) Marbrook was born in 1934 in Algiers to a Bedouin father and an American painter. He grew up in Brooklyn, West Islip and Manhattan, New York, where he attended Dwight Preparatory School and Columbia. He then served in the U.S. Navy.

His book of poems, Far From Algiers, won the Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize from Kent State University in 2007 and was published in 2008. His story, Artists Hill, adapted from the second novel of an unpublished trilogy, won the Literal Latté first prize in fiction in 2008. His poems have been published in The American Poetry Review, Barrow Street, poemeleon, The Same, and other journals. The pioneering e-book publisher, Online Originals (UK), published his novella, Alice MIller`s Room, in 1999.He worked as a reporter for The Providence Journal and as an editor for The Elmira (NY) Star-Gazette, The Baltimore Sun, The Winston-Salem Journal & Sentinel and The Washington Star. Later he worked as executive editor of four small dailies in northeast Ohio and two medium-size dailies in northern New Jersey.

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