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Published:October 31st, 2010 16:34 EST
The Miami Heat: Once Just Another NBA Team Now a Global Empire with Some Big Named Talent

The Miami Heat: Once Just Another NBA Team Now a Global Empire with Some Big Named Talent

By Ron G Anselm

I remember the old days when the Miami Heat was an expansion team in the NBA. Not too many fans expected very much from the Heat their first year in the league since they really had no special talent to be able to say they were going to be the team to beat at that time or even in the future.

As times have changed in the NBA the Heat have recently gone from a no name team to an empire.  Just as the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL are nicknamed and known as `Americas Team` The Miami Heat can now be nicknamed and known as the `Global Empire Team` With the Three-Amigos, LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade leading the offense with high hopes of big scoring this year, more and more fans from everywhere there is satellite television, access to the Internet, and basically sports are jumping on the band wagon and becoming Miami Heat fans.

Some of these fans are so obsessed with the Heat that one fan at the Heat`s home opener paid $25,000 for courtside seats. This guy must either be a really big fan or must have saved lots of pennies over the years hoping to spend the money on something eventually and decided to break open his piggy bank and attend the game. I know I am a huge fan of a lot of games but there is no way I would spend $25k to go to any game in professional sports not even if it was the glory days once again of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl years of the 1970s let alone a home opener in the NBA in 2010.

Even some local Florida businesses got in on the action and took advantage of the opportunities for marketing. Whiskey Tango Bar and Grill in Hollywood, Florida decided to get `very bold or should I say cocky, and recently offered `free drinks` for every Miami Heat loss, not really a good promotional marketing campaign to start but is a creative one. The bar has recently taken this marketing add out of operations but probably did attract lots of Miami Heat customers while the promotion was up and running. What a good way to show the Heat games at their bar, attract Heat fans, and have those fans keep sucking down the libations or drinks and start out a little tipsy to only end the night fifteen- sheets to the wind drunk hoping for the possibility of `free drinks` even though they are cheering for the Heat not to lose they are also hoping for that free Bud Light.

David Stern the Commissioner of the NBA said the Heat is at the center of basketballs universe  (Hanks, D., 2010) this year with the arrival of Lebron James and giving the credit to James for thrusting Miami into global sports obsession.

He went on to state that at the Heat`s arena, American Airline Arena where the Miami Heat play their home games, you will be seeing more and more adds in Chinese being displayed. This is the example of the globalization of the team.

Before the Heat`s home opener Friday night, there were warnings of the possibility for traffic gridlock in the Miami area and basically with the arrival of the Three-Amigos, James, Bosh, and Wade some city officials have compared the power of those three players on the Heat to the Washington Stimulus package.

Even the first regular season game for the Heat when they played the Boston Celtics which was broadcast on Cable Television around the world drew massive audiences.  With the global audience and the local audience in this country there are predictions that the Heat could very well add at least twenty-million dollars to the local economy but to some that prediction may be a little too low when it comes to estimating.

With all the hype about the Heat this year and the arrival of the Three-Amigos, the Heat could very well win it all but as we know this is just hype not fact as of yet and will have to wait for the outcome of the NBA season when the NBA playoffs roll around.



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