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Published:November 1st, 2010 13:27 EST
hugo chavez

Hugo Chavez: Venezuela's Golf Courses Shoud Be Expropriated!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"President Hugo Chavez said some of Venezuela`s golf courses should be expropriated and used for other purposes.

`That`s an injustice -- that someone should have the luxury of having I don`t know how many hectares to play golf and drink whiskey and, next door, there`s misery and children dying when there are landslides,` Chavez said during his weekly television show, `Alo, Presidente."`

hugo chavez

Dozens of people died in the past month when landslides caused their homes to collapse after heavy rains. Chavez said he will dedicate himself to resolving Venezuela`s housing shortage." Read More

President Hugo Chavez` speeches sometimes stretch on for hours, but they are laced with pearls of wisdom.

It`s a grave injustice to have golf courses for the benefit of the rich and powerful, while the homeless search for a hovel to spend the night. Chavez should expropriate the golf courses, and use the land to build homes for the poor.

In America we have too many golf courses, municipalities should think twice before approving the building of any more of these playgrounds for the wealthy.

It`s a moral outrage that millions of acres are dedicated for the pleasure of a wealthy few, while millions of Americans are homeless or in danger of losing their homes.

The working poor and the homeless should squat on golf courses, until the government takes steps to help the multitudes who have lost their homes in this wretched economy.

We need a politician of the stature of Hugo Chavez!

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