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Published:November 1st, 2010 11:42 EST
Will Says... Republicans' Secret Weapon, is a Weapon!

Will Says... Republicans' Secret Weapon, is a Weapon!

By Will Roberts

Well, Election Day is fast approaching and now that Halloween is over and out of folks` system, hopefully, that will mean that they will not show up at the polls with their three-cornered hats. Of course in some states, Nevada being one of them, if Nevada tips over and pours out a tea party candidate winner we might just have "dress as your favorite colonial figure` to work day.

However, and whatever happens with these elections, Americans will be walking and talking to the beat of a different drum. I think that it will be good for the Republicans to at least win the Senate. This way they will be more connected to the responsibility of their jobs. You know, not sideliners like there are now, or should I say hardliners! 

My hope is that come November 3rd when all the dust settles, (By the way, this dust is not from building, rather dust from lack of movement)... anyhow, Democrats & Republicans will get a chance to get some work done for their country.

But you know how it will go, after Nov 2nd elections. If Republicans win, it will be the same as it is now; if they don`t like something they will hold it up & if they like it, Democrats will hold it up!

Now, I am trying to stay positive folks, "cause we had enough negative in the past few months. Too bad they can`t find a good use for all those campaign smear ads they made. You`d think that much money (a billon this year) invested in something and it would have a longer shelf life.

They make those ads in a day and they destroy a lifetime of someone`s work in a split second. Watching politics on TV it occurred to me; politicians are just car salesmen with good suits! 

I got it, give all the ads to the boys over at the place we now hold our prisoners. Make a loop of these campaign ads and let our interrogators use them on the terrorist and I bet they will start talking like a parrot at dinner time.

Having to watch these ads is worse than water boarding I am sure. 

Just think in one day the 2010 elections will be over and we will get at least a 10 minute break until they start with the 2012 Elections!


Your Friend,


Will Roberts